How to make your mounts fly in Final Fantasy XIV

Take to the skies, young Eorzean!

One of the best parts about MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV is exploring a vast open world. Though you can traverse Eorzea on foot, using mounts is a far faster way to get around. Mounts can either run on land or take to the sky, but can all mounts fly in Final Fantasy XIV? If so, how do you get them to fly?

Which Mounts Can Fly in Final Fantasy XIV?

All mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can fly. Players don’t initially have to ability to fly with mounts, though. To unlock flying mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll have to complete several tasks first. Once you meet the following requirements, you’ll be soaring through Eorzea in no time.

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How to Unlock Flying Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock flying mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll need to complete all Main Scenario Quests for A Realm Reborn. After finishing the main story in A Realm Reborn, you can fly in areas from the base game. To take to the sky, press and hold the jump button while riding a mount. If you want to fly in zones from Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker, you’ll have to do a bit more.

Final Fantasy XIV Flying mount
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How to Fly in Fantasy XIV Expansions

From Heavensward on, players must discover Aether Currents in each unique map. Once you’ve found all the Aether Currents in the zone, you can fly in that area. To see how many Aether Currents you have in a particular area, open your Travel tab in the menu. Next, select the Aether Currents section. Here you’ll see two rows of diamonds for each site.

Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The top row indicates Aether Currents locked behind a Feature Quest in the area, whereas the bottom row indicates physical markers found around the map and collected. Filled in diamonds show you’ve gathered this Aether Current. Look for the following quest marker in places where you’re missing Feature Quest Aether Currents.

Final Fantasy XIV Feature quest marker
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To find physical Aether Currents in an area, use your Aether Compass, which points you toward the nearest Aether Current. Follow the waypoint until you stumble upon these collectibles. Head to the Collection tab in your Duty menu to find your Aether Compass. We recommend setting this item on your Hotbar for easy access.

Once you have all the Aether Currents in an area, you can call your mount and fly through the space. When the Attunement Complete notification appears in the corner of each map, you’ll be able to fly. Remember that you’ll need to repeat this process for each expansion area to unlock flight capabilities.

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