How to play on Skull Town (Relic) in Apex Legends

For the players who drop hot or don't drop at all.

Skull Town is one of, if not the most iconic Point of Interest (POI) in Apex Legends history. Players fought many battles there. Few survived… but those who did became winners in their own right. Now, many players know that Skull Town was removed from the game in Season 5. That said, there are quite a few ways to play on Skull Town since then. Some in the main game, others in the mobile version. Here is every way to play on Skull Town.

Skull Town Point of Interest Details

Skull Town is a Point of Interest on Kings Canyon, the first map introduced to Apex Legends. It is a popular hot drop location with high foot traffic and rotations too. This battle-heavy POI if the grave of many fallen players. If you dare to test your skills, here is how to play on Skull Town in both Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends (PC and Console)

New Skull Town
Image via Respawn

Skull Town was a part of Apex Legends from pre-release until Season 5: Fortune’s Favor. Since then, however, Skull Town has returned in a few different ways. There was a short-lived event in Season 9: Legacy called Genesis that allowed players to play on Skull Town in Battle Royale and Arenas.

That said, it was for Season 14: Hunted, Skull Town is back in a bigger way as new Poin tof Interest: Relic. This revamped, slightly different version of Skull Town has been added to the Season 14 map update.

Ways to Play Relic on PC and Console

  • Battle Royale (Reforged Kings Canyon)
  • Ranked Leagues (Reforged Kings Canyon)

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Apex Legends Mobile

OG Skull Town
Image via Respawn

Kings Canyon was added to Apex Legends Mobile for Season 2: Distortion. All map in the mobile version are the original versions of the map to start, and have different updates than the main game. For this reason, the original Skull Town is a normal part of the game.

Ways to Play Skull Town on Mobile

  • Battle Royale (Kings Canyon)
  • Ranked Leagues (Kings Canyon)
  • Multiplayer
    • Multiplayer modes rotate, check was it currently available
    • Some modes that include Kings Canyon are Hack and Random Respawn TDM
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