How to solve the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Dino Digits Quiz

That's a lot of Dino Digits.

Horizon Forbidden West‘s Burning Shores DLC lets Aloy head to the ruins of California. In this expansion, there’s a new story for players to unravel. While many will call it quits when the credits roll, completionists will want to track down all the new collectibles and trophies that the DLC has to offer. To 100% the game, you’ll need to complete the Dino Digits Quiz, and we’ve got the answers for you here.

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Dino Digits Quiz Answers

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To earn the Completed the Dino Digits Quiz in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, you’ll need to track down five figurines and use some clues to answer the Dino Digits quiz. Don’t worry. We’ve solved the clues, so you don’t have to. Each terminal has a unique question that you must answer using digits.

We’ve listed the answers in order from left to right using the terminal right of the plaza entrance to start. You can see the question for each terminal along with the answer below. Keep in mind that some players are reporting that the trophy won’t pop if they didn’t get the Pangea figurines beforehand, so we suggest scooping those up before finishing this quest.

  • Question 1: What was the portal code to reach Pangea in the original Pangea holo?
    • Answer: 6837
  • Question 2: In the first Pangea, Jane’s ID can be seen on her first day at PortTech. What is her ID number?
    • Answer: 4331
  • Question 3: During the Portal Pandemonium, how many portals were torn open?
    • Answer: 378
  • Question 4: How many prerecorded messages came with the limited edition Talk-To-Me-Reggie?
    • Answer: 785
  • Question 5: How many Raptors does Trevor claim he escaped from in the Siege of Pangea?
    • Answer: 1051

Once you finish the quiz, by answering all of the questions correctly, you’ll earn a congratulations message from the actors of the Pangea along with the aforementioned trophy, provided you’ve grabbed the Pangea figurines in the Burning Shores.

For an in-depth video guide on the Pangea figurine locations and the Dino Digits Quiz, check out PS5Trophies on YouTube. Hopefully, this prevents any confusion and makes your life a bit easier.

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