How to use every Legend Class Perk in Apex Legends

How every Class Perk works in Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry, Perks for all Legend Classes were added to the game. While one class already had a Perk before the change (Recon), now every Class has it’s own Perk or set of Perks. Some Class Perks are more useful than others, but all of them will help out your team at certain moments. It is good to have a variety of Classes on your Squad, in order to have a variety of Perks. Let’s take a look at every Legend Class Perk in Apex Legends.

Legend Classes and Class Perk System

Legend Screen showing the five classes
Image via Respawn

There are five Legend classes in Apex Legends: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. Each class comes with 1-2 perks that will help your team during a match.

Assault Class Perks

Assault Class Perk Logo Graphic
Image via Respawn, graphic by Radiant G
  • Carry more ammo
  • Red Supply Bin access

All Assault Class Legends have two Perks. One Perk is that they can carry more ammo per stack. They can carry one more clip or partial clip than other characters. For Light, Heavy, Energy weapons, that is an extra 20 ammo per stack. With Shotguns, it’s an extra 5. With Sniper, it’s an extra 9.

The other Assault Class Perk gives them access to the extra compartment inside of Red Supply Bins.

Red Supply Bin Extra Compartments contain:

  • 4 weapon attachment type Smart Loot (Loot needed by your squad)
  • All attachments are Rare-tier (Blue) or higher
  • At least one attachment will always be an optic
  • Hop-Ups and Extended Magazines are rarer than the other attachments

If no one on your team has a weapon when the compartment is over, the Red Bin compartment will instead contain one weapon, and two attachments that work on that weapon.

Skirmisher Class Perk

Skirmisher Class Perk Logo Graphic
Image via Respawn, graphic by Radiant G
  • Reveal Care Package

All Skirmisher Class Legends only have one Perk, and it can only be used when there is a neutral Care Package in play. Skirmisher Legends have the ability to scan Care Packages by looking at them for a few seconds.

The player will be able to see the rarity color of the rarest item in the Care Package and reveal what the item is if they ping it either in world or on the map. Their team will also get the information. Care Packages can be revealed while falling, or once already landed within a certain range.

If another team takes the highest tier item from the Care Package, the scan will turn from the Care Package will turn grey.

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Recon Class Perk

Recon Class Perk Logo Graphic
Image via Respawn, graphic by Radiant G
  • Use Modified Survey Beacons

If you played the game prior to Season 16: Revelry, you might have a certain idea in mind when you read this, however, while the action is the same, the result is different. Scanning a Survey Beacon as a Recon Legend no longer finds the next ring location. Instead, the Perk reveals all enemy positions on both the main map and the minimap for 30 seconds.

When the Survey Beacon is scanned, it emits a pulse within a certain radius. If there are any enemies within the pulse radius, they will be alerted that the Survey Beacon has been scanned.

Controller Class Perk

Controller Class Perk Logo Graphic
Image via Respawn, graphic by Radiant G
  • Use Ring Consoles

If you miss the scan for next Ring function the Recon class used to have, worry not. That Perk has been given to the Controller Class. Instead of using a Survey Beacon, Controller Legends scan for the next using Ring Consoles. They are similarly scattered around the map, but in easier to reach locations.

Scanning the next Ring will give a whole team the location of the Ring after the current displayed Ring. The scanned Ring will show up in green on the map and minimap.

Support Class Perks

Support Class Perk Logo Graphic
Image via Respawn, graphic by Radiant G
  • Craft ally Respawn Banners
  • Blue Supply Bin access

Like the Assault Class, the Support Legend Class also has two Perks. One allows you craft ally Respawn Banners. This is arguably the best Legend Class Perk in the game. Support Legends, on anyone on their team, while at a Replicator can craft 1-2 ally banners for just 30 Crafting Materials. If both of your teammates are dead, crafting once will give you both banners, no need to craft twice.

The most powerful thing about this Perk, however, is that you can still use it to craft banners even when the time has expired on the Banner. This means that if you have a Support Legend on your team, you always have a chance to bring your dead allies back (if they don’t disconnect from the game, which removes the power from all members).

The other Support Class Perk gives them access to the extra compartment inside of Blue Supply Bins.

Blue Supply Bin Extra Compartments contain:

  • Perpetual increased chance of finding Shields Batteries and Med Kits
  • Better chance of finding Heat Shields while outside of The Ring
    • Will not trigger if player is already carrying Heat Shields
  • Better chance of finding a Mobile Respawn Beacon when carrying an ally’s banner
    • Will not trigger if player is already carrying Mobile Respawn Beacon

Overall, each Class comes with a helpful Perk, though some Classes have better Perks than others. It is definitely clear that the Support Class has the best Perks, while the Skirmisher Class has the worst. That said, in the right situation, every Class Perk can be helpful.

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