How to use the Gold Knockdown Shield in Apex Legends

No, it doesn't self-res you.

Throughout the history of Apex Legends, there have been many changes to gear. For a long time there was a Legendary-tier item, the Gold Knockdown Shield, that allowed players to self-revive when downed. Unfortunately, for players who enjoyed this feature, it is no longer part of the game’s meta going forward. The Season 14: Hunted patch changes included two major changes to Legendary gear, and one of those changes removes self-resurrection.

What does the Gold Knockdown Shield do now?

Now, the Gold Knockdown Shield does what the Gold Backpack used to do. When you revive a teammate, they will come back with half of their health and shields back, on top of the usual 20 HP from the revive itself. This ability is best used on Legends with abilities that aid revival.

Best Legends for the Gold Knockdown Shield

Reviving Legends best for Gold Knockdown Shield
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  • Lifeline
    • Best option, her drone revive allows her to use the ability without having to stay by the player getting revived
  • Mirage
    • Mirage’s ability to turn invisible makes him of the best picks for the Gold Knockdown Shield
  • Newcastle
    • Newcastle’s defensive abilities and ability to move downed players while downed also makes him one of the best picks
  • Gibraltar
    • Gibraltar’s ability to use his dome and revive more efficiently makes him a great choice
  • Bangalore
    • Because Bangalore can pop her smoke canister, she is also a good pick for reviving teammates
  • Caustic
    • Caustic’s gas isn’t quite as convenient as the other four options, but still puts him a step above the other Legends

Honorable Mentions: Rampart, Wattson

If you are not playing one of these characters, and you have a teammate that is, is it good strategy and common courtesy to ping the Gold Knockdown Shield, and let your revive-savvy teammate have the item. If you have a Lifeline on the team, it should always go to her.

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What does the Gold Backpack do now?

Since the Legendary Backpack’s old ability has been given to the Gold Knockdown Shield, the Backpack now has a new ability not seen before Season 14: Hunted. This perk allows a player to carry extra consumable health and shield items, but only the bigger ones (Not Shield Cells or Syringes). Players can carry one extra Shield Battery, Med Kit, and Phoenix Kit.

How did Self-Resurrection work?

When players had the Gold Knockdown Shield, they could hold down the revive key for around double the time of a normal revive to revive themselves. It would only work once, as after the revive, the Gold Knockdown Shield would become a purple one. This feature was in the game until the end of Season 13: Saviors. This ability is still currently live in Apex Legends Mobile.

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