How to use the Laser Sights attachment in Apex Legends

Get the enemy in your sights.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, when it came to the barrel slot of a weapon, it either took a barrel stabilizer, or it didn’t. And that was it. As of Season 14: Hunted, however, there is a new type of barrel attachment called Laser Sights. Laser sights focus on tightening hipfire, rather than reducing recoil. Let’s take a closer look at how Laser Sights work in Apex Legends.

How to use Laser Sights

Laser Sight on ground
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Laser Sights are a type of barrel mod. They are equipped on some weapons instead of a barrel stabilizer. With a Laser Sight, weapons have a reduced hipfire spread and a laser shown one screen whenever you are not Aiming Down Sights (ADS). This makes hipfire at both close-range, and the closer end of mid-range a more viable strategy.

Weapon Compatibility

Lasers Sights work with all SMGs and pistols that accept a barrel attachment. This includes the following weapons:

  • P2020 (Light Pistol)
  • RE-45 (Light Pistol)
  • Alternator (Light SMG)
  • Prowler Burst PDW (Heavy SMG)
  • R-99 (Light SMG)
  • Volt SMG (Energy SMG)

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How to customize your Laser Sight

Laser Sights Customization screen
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Similar to reticles, you can customize your Laser Sight in the settings menu. You want to go to Settings > Gameplay > Laser Sight (if you don’t see the Laser Sight option, scroll down. It is below the Reticle option, and above the accessibility section). The Custom Laser menu allows you to use two sliders to get the laser color that works best for you.

If you prefer not to use the sliders, it also offers six presets you can choose from:

  • Yellow (Recommended)
  • Blue (Recommended)
  • Magenta (Recommended)
  • Teal (Recommended)
  • Red (Default)
  • Reticle (Will be the same color as your reticle, whatever you have it set to)
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