How to view the new Boreas map in Apex Legends

The fifth Battle Royale map is finally here.

Apex Legends is known for it’s in-game teasers, and the major teaser leading up to Season 15: Eclipse is no different. The fifth Battle Royale map in the Apex Legends map rotation is the Boreas map. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Boreas is the home planet of Season 10: Emergence’s Legend, Seer. The map is also home to Season 15’s debut Legend: Catalyst. If you want to see the Boreas map before Season 15 debuts, follow these steps.

All requirements to view the Boreas map

Golden Ticket with a fully-kitted Longbow Apex Legends
Screenshot by Radiant G

First and foremost, in order to get into the preview, you need a Golden Ticket. These are craftable in any Battle Royale match, and show up as a little golden keycard. If you wish to have more details on this, please view our Golden Ticket guide.

Secondly, once you have the ticker, you will need to locate the A New Home play option in the Apex Legends lobby. Go to the Select a game mode screen. Above all of the current playable modes in the upper right corner is the option A New Home. This will take you to the preview.

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The Preview

Boreas Preview POI
Screenshot by Radiant G

Once you get into the preview, you will spawn into a daytime variant of the Boreas Encore Arenas map. There will be a Dropship, and you have to board it before it leaves, or you will be booted to the lobby, and have to go back in again. You can view the preview as many times as you want though.

Once the Dropship lands, you will be on a nature-filled part of Boreas, near a jump platform. Go onto the platform in order to spring up onto a zipline. This zipline will lock you into a loop around part of the new map, with an announcer giving you a tour of it. There is no way to explore this area on foot, but you will be able to see quite a bit.

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