MultiVersus: All of the Trophies and Achievements

Knock out these MultiVersus objectives and aim for 100% completion!

While MultiVersus is still in its Open Beta phase, the game’s complete Trophy and Achievement lists are live. Moreover, we know what you need to do to get 100% completion in the Warner Bros. platform fighter. Study our guide and keep track of all the game’s hidden tasks.

There are 29 Trophies and Achievements in MultiVersus, and while no trophy is impossible, there are several skill-based objectives. Furthermore, this list is a grind, with missions asking players to finish hundreds of games with just as many ringouts.

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MultiVersus Trophy/Achievement List

MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Harley Quinn
Image via Warner Bros. Games
Trophy MasterEarn all other Trophies to collect this Trophy.
Credit Where It’s DueGive out 5 Toasts to other players.
Nice SpeechGive out 10 Toasts to other players.
Toast MasterGive out 100 Toasts to other players.
Run it BackAccept 100 Rematches
MatchmakerPlay 1 matchmade game.
You Mean BusinessGet 30 Ringouts.
You’re Getting Pretty Good At This!Get 50 Ringouts.
Bun-Puncher SupremeGet 100 Ringouts.
Stepping OutWin 10 matchmade games.
Proving YourselfWin 100 matchmade games.
The Throne Is YoursWin 300 matchmade games.
Bring A FriendGet 10 Double Ringouts.
Ringouts Are Better In PairsGet 25 Double Ringouts.
And Your Little Dog, Too!Get 100 Double Ringouts.
Watch Your StepGet 10 Ringouts using your spike.
Going Down?Get 50 Ringouts using your spike.
Ground Floor: RingoutsGet 100 Ringouts using your spike.
Aerial SpecialistGet 10 Ringouts using the top of the Blast Zone.
Southpaw SpecialistGet 10 Ringouts using the left side of the Blast Zone.
Rightie SpecialistGet 10 Ringouts using the right side of the Blast Zone.
Spike SpecialistGet 10 Ringouts using the bottom of the Blast Zone.
Watch Your HeadGet 20 Ringouts with a Projectile.
Catch ThisGet 50 Ringouts with a Projectile.
Distanced Damage DealerGet 200 Ringouts with a Projectile.
Social ButterflyPlay 25 matches in a party.
Life of the PartyPlay 100 matches in a party.
Party AnimalPlay 500 matches in a party.
Signature SlammerGet 10 low-damage Ringouts.
Info via PlayStation

Fans love MultiVersus for its excellent roster, solid controls, and competitive potential. While there aren’t many reputable platform fighters, MultiVersus is a strong contender in the genre.

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