MultiVersus: Each of the playable characters

Get to know each playable character in this Warner Bros. platform fighter!

MultiVersus is finally here! The platform fighter from Player First Games lets users fight with WB icons. While there are plenty of characters to use, you may wonder if your favorite made the roster. Thankfully, the game’s entire roster is up for the Open Beta.

You’ll find the current MultiVersus roster below. In addition to the following MultiVersus characters, Player First Games confirmed more fighters are coming. Each fighter is obtainable in-game for free via Gold, the game’s currency.

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Full MultiVersus Roster

MultiVersus Arya Stark game of thrones
Arya Stark
Assassin3,000 Gold
MultiVersus Batman Kevin Conror
Bruiser2,000 Gold
MultiVersus character roster Black Adam
Black Adam
Coming during Season 1

Bugs Bunny
Mage2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Finn the Human Adventure Time
Finn the Human
Assassin2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Garnet Steven Universe
Bruiser1,500 Gold
MultiVersus Gizmo Support character image
Support2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Harley Quin Batman
Harley Quinn
Assassin2,000 Gold
Iron Giant Multiversus character
Iron Giant
Tank3,000 Coins
MultiVersus Jake the Dog Adventure Time
Jake the Dog
Bruiser2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Lebron James Bruiser
Lebron James
Bruiser2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Morty Smith
Morty Smith
Bruiser3,000 Gold
MultiVersus Reindog Warner Bros Player First Games
Support2,000 Gold
Multiversus Rick Sanchez Mage
Rick Sanchez
Mage3,000 Gold
MultiVersus Shaggy Scooby Doo
Bruiser1,500 Gold
MultiVersus Steven Universe
Steven Universe
Support3,000 Gold
MultiVersus Gremlins Stripe character image
Coming during Season 1
MultiVersus Superman DC Comics
Tank2,000 Gold
Taz the Tasmanian Devil Looney Tunes
Bruiser1,500 Gold
MultiVersus Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry
Mage3,000 Gold
MultiVersus Velma Scooby Doo
Support2,000 Gold
MultiVersus Wonder Woman DC Comics
Wonder Woman
TankFree after Tutorial completion
Info and Images via MultiVersus

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