MultiVersus Glossary: All the terms you need to know

Study up on your MultiVersus terminology!

With MultiVersus in Open Beta, players can finally join in on the platform fighter. Like any fighting game, you’ll need to know how mechanics work. With dozens of terms and learn and master, it’s a good idea to keep some notes handy.

You can find all the Modifiers, Gameplay Terms, and MultiVersus Economy info below. The following terms are also available in the Glossary section of the MultiVersus Main Menu:


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MultiVersus Modifiers change how characters perform when fighting in the game.

  • Armor
    • Prevents Knockback when hit. Depletes Dodge Meter when applied to self.
  • Bubbled
    • Become briefly Disabled in a bubble but Invulnerable. An ally can break out trapped players.
  • Charmed
    • Become briefly Disabled in love.
  • Cleansed
    • Removes all debuffs
  • Confetti
    • Once applied, additional Stacks accrue when the owner receives Knockback. Applies Ignite at the max Stacks.
  • Cooked
    • Transform into a cooked chicken who can run away but no longer attack.
  • Disorient
    • Next Melee attack can Break Armor and flip the target to face the opposite direction.
  • Educated
    • Decreases the duration of Cooldowns.
  • Electrified
    • The next Melee attack applies Shocked to its target.
  • Enraged
    • The next attack applies full Stacks of Weakened to its target.
  • Frozen
    • Become briefly Disabled in a block of Ice. Users must Struggle to escape or be broken out by an ally.
  • Hastened
    • Increases movement speed. Players can Stack the effect.
  • Ice
    • Attacks and movement speed slow. The Effect of Ice can be Stacked and becomes Frozen at max Stacks.
  • Ice Gauntlets
    • The next Melee attack applies Ice
  • Ignited
    • Accrue Damage that decays over time. This effect can Stack to extend the duration.
  • Invisible
    • Become hidden from the enemy team.
  • Projectile Sidestep
    • Projectiles pass through the owner instead of hitting them.
  • Refresh
    • Resets the number of air dodges, air specials, and jumps you can perform.
  • Reset
    • Removes all active Cooldowns.
  • Rhythm
    • Applies a speed boost on its first Stack and Armor Break to Melee attacks on its second Stack.
  • Rose’s Gaze
    • Once applied, additional Stacks accrue when the owner receives Knockback. Applies Bubbled at max Stacks.
  • Shield
    • Prevents both Knockback and Damage when hit.
  • Shocked
    • Accrue Damage over time and Damage allies that come into contact.
  • Slowed
    • Attacks and movement slowed. Users can Stack the effect.
  • Stopped
    • Halt a Projectile’s movement in midair.
  • Strengthen
    • Increases Damage dealt.
  • Stunned
    • Become briefly Disabled.
  • Targeted
    • Projectiles seek out the owner’s location.
  • Tasty
    • Once applied, additional Stacks accrue when the owner receives Knockback. Applies Cooked at max Stacks.
  • Thorns
    • When the owner receives Damage, the attacker gets some in return.
  • Weakened
    • Incur more significant Knockback and Damage when hit. Users can Stack the effect.

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Gameplay Terms

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Batman Harley Quinn Steven Universe
Image via Warner Bros. Games

Gameplay Terms refer to in-game techniques and basics.

  • Ammo
    • The number of times a character can use an ability. Ammo recharges after a brief Cooldown.
  • Armor Break
    • An attack that ignores Armor and Shields. These attacks also showcase a purple glimmer.
  • Attack Decay
    • Reduced Hitstun and Damage after spamming an attack.
  • Blast Zone
    • Bounds of the Map, going outside this area triggers a Ring Out.
  • Buff Decay
    • Reduced buff effect due to using the move too often.
  • Charge
    • Ability to power up an attack. Increases Knockback and Damage.
  • Combo
    • A sequence of attacks that follow up in quick succession.
  • Cooldown
    • Delay before an ability can activate again.
  • Damage
    • Measurement of a fighter’s base Knockback. The higher the number, the more Knockback accrued.
  • Disabled
    • State where players can use no action.
  • Dodge
    • Evasive move that grants brief Invulnerability.
  • Dodge Attack
    • Move used after evading—grants brief Invulnerability.
  • Dodge Meter
    • This meter measures the number of dodges a player can use.
  • Fast Fall
    • Increases midair fall speed at will.
  • Glide
    • Decreases midair fall speed at will.
  • Grab
    • Hold a target in place before launching them.
  • Gray Health
    • Health buffer that absorbs Damage but cannot heal.
  • Heal
    • Reduces accrued Damage.
  • Hitstun
    • A period where the target cannot move after being hit.
  • Invulnerability
    • State where no Damage or Knockback occurs.
  • Item
    • An object that users can players can pick up and throw.
  • Knockback
    • How far targets get launched when hit.
  • Knockback Influence (KBI)
    • The ability to rotate launch angle when hit with Knockback.
  • Map
    • The environment where fights take place.
  • Melee
    • An attack that strikes targets directly in close combat.
  • Platform
    • Horizontal Map element which users stand on and drop through.
  • Projectile
    • Attack or object that operates independently of its owner.
  • Reflect
    • Ability to deflect a Projectile and become the owner.
  • Ring Out
    • Act of knocking a target into the Blast Zone.
  • Spike
    • An attack that launches targets downward.
  • Stack
    • Ability to layer modifier effects.
  • Struggle
    • Mashing a button to break out of Disabled states faster.
  • Sweetspot
    • An area or period of an attack with more significant Knockback and Damage.
  • Vacuum
    • A multi-hit attack that pulls targets toward a specific destination.
  • Wall
    • A vertical Map element that fighters can slide down.
  • Wall Cling
    • Grabbing a Wall when pressed into it.
  • Wall Slide
    • Slowly dropping along Walls when pressed into them.

MultiVersus Economy

MultiVersus Economy Emotes Garnet
Image via Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus Economy Items are purchasable gear and rewards earned via gameplay or monetary purchases.

  • Announcer
    • A character who announces all game events.
  • Badge
    • Button on your profile that highlights the stats of specific achievements.
  • Banner
    • Artwork displayed behind a fighter during matchmaking.
  • Battle Pass Points
    • Points gained by playing and completing missions that go towards Battle Pass progress.
  • Emote
    • Animations that players during taunts.
  • Experience Points (XP)
    • Experience gained by playing. Improves Player Level and character Mastery Level.
  • Gleamium
    • Premium currency used to purchase special rewards.
  • Gold
    • Currency earned in-game to unlock rewards.
  • Mastery Level
    • Level specific to each character. Used to unlock Perks.
  • Mission
    • Challenges that award Gold when completed.
  • Perk
    • Modifiers that users apply before a match starts.
  • Player Level
    • Overall user level in MultiVersus.
  • Profile Icon
    • Profile Icon
  • Rested
    • Doubles Battle Pass progress when playing after a break.
  • Ringout
    • Animation that plays after knockouts.
  • Signature Perk
    • Special Perk for a specific character.
  • Sticker
    • An image that shows during a taunt.
  • Toast
    • Tips for other players that grant Gold.
  • Variant
    • New costumes and appearances for characters.

That’s everything you need to know about MultiVersus terminology! For more on MultiVersus, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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