MultiVersus: How to get the Battle Reindog Variant

Reign over the battlefield with this illustrious variant.

With MultiVersus hitting Open Beta on all platforms, players can finally enjoy the platform fighter. Not only can users take control of a colorful cast, but these characters can get new skins and variants through various means. Even Reindog, the game’s first original fighter, has a Battle Reindog variant on Open Beta day one.

While getting this skin isn’t too hard, you’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus Essential subscriber. PlayStation Plus Subscribers can get the MVP Pack in MultiVersus, which includes the Battle Reindog Variant. Unlike normal skins in MultiVersus, Variants change voices, animations, and mannerisms, making them highly sought after. Those without PlayStation Plus can buy the skin for 1500 Gleamium alternatively.

Claiming the MVP Pack in MultiVersus

MultiVersus PS5 MVP Redemptions
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Head to the PlayStation Home Menu in the Games tab. Highlight MultiVersus here.
MultiVersus MVP Pack Location
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Scroll down to the Add-Ons section of the MultiVersus tab.
  • Select the MVP Pack option at the far right.
MultiVersus MVP PlayStation
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Once you open the PlayStation Plus MVP Pack Page, please select the option where we see Learn More. If you haven’t added the item to your inventory, you’ll see a Redeem button.

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MVP Pack Contents

Not only will players get the Battle Reindog Variant, but they’ll also get two other cosmetic items, which we’ve listed below:

  • Battle Reindog Variant
  • Dark Matter Ringout Effect
  • Waterfall Banner

Once you redeem these bonuses, you’ll receive a notification the next time you get on MultiVersus. Head to your Collection tab to equip these new cosmetics manually as you see fit.

Because MultiVersus has cross-progression, you can take these items to any other platform, provided you use the same WB Games account. While linking accounts takes a second, taking your progress wherever you go is well worth it.

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