MultiVersus: How to level up the Battle Pass fast

Climb through 50 tiers of exclusive rewards.

With the release of Season 1 in MultiVersus, there’s a new Battle Pass for users to race through with exciting rewards. Getting these rewards does take time, but with the right tactics, it’ll fly by in a flash.

Follow the strategies below to climb through the ranks with ease. You have until November 15, 2022, to finish the battle pass and earn all its rewards.

MultiVersus Battle Pass Progression Strats

MultiVersus Battle Pass Jake Garnet
Image via Warner Bros. Games

There are 50 tiers in the MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass with free and premium sets of rewards. Even if you don’t purchase the premium Battle Pass in MultiVersus, you can progress and earn free items. If you want to unlock the pass later, your progress does remain, so feel free to wait and debate the purchase. See a preview of the free and Premium tiers below:

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass
Image via Warner Bros. Games

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Complete Daily/Seasonal Milestones

MultiVersus Battle Pass Daily Missions Seasonal Milestones
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Completing challenges is the fastest way to progress through the Battle Pass in MultiVersus. Daily Challenges give 100-200 points towards the pass, so complete each of the six tasks for 600 or more points per day. You can even swap them if you’re not a fan of the objective. The first swap of the day is free, but you’ll need gold for the other trade-offs.

While you’re playing, you can earn points toward Seasonal Milestones. These more considerable challenges take longer but offer a whopping 600 points per challenge. You’ll get three of these missions every Thursday to work on, so check your progress and aim for objectives during matches for considerable experience boosts.

Play Plenty of Games

MultiVersus Battle Pass Match Bonus
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

While Daily and Seasonal challenges offer large sums of experience, playing games is the most consistent way to earn Battle Pass progression. Playing the game gets you Match Bonuses, and your performance dictates additional boosts. Each win earns you ten points to your current Battle Pass tier, with losses granting five points. Aim for wins and keep a consistent schedule to climb through the pass even when you’re out of challenges.

Take Advantage of Well-Rested XP

MultiVersus Well Rested XP Main Menu
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Taking a break from playing MultiVersus fills the Well-Rested meter. When the Well-Rested gauge has a charge, you’ll gain double progression points toward the Battle Pass from both wins and losses. This meter refills over time after extended breaks, so don’t feel bad if you want to take a few days off; it’ll work in your favor. See if you have any pink charge under the ‘Play!’ button before queueing up. The more you have, the longer your bonuses last.

Party up with Friends

MultiVersus Teams Party up
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

As a team-based game, you’ll need a partner for 2v2 matches, anyway, so don’t forget to add a friend to the fight. Doing so grants increased experience! While playing in a party, players get an additional 20% Gold and experience for every game. Not only this, but you can coordinate to complete challenges. If you’d rather not fight other players, bot matches also yield rewards for challenges, so head here if you want to knock challenges out faster.

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