MultiVersus: Who is in the free character rotation?

Take these characters out on the field free of charge!

MultiVersus is officially in Open Beta, meaning anyone can get their hands on the free-to-play platform fighter. If you’re new to the game, you may need to grind to unlock some characters. While unlocking characters with Gold takes time, you can play several free characters in rotation.

Because the game offers plenty of characters to choose from, the free rotation is a great way to test a character before purchasing. The playable roster for free players changes twice a month in MultiVersus. We’ll also update this page with each rotation, so you know who’s free each time. All info comes directly from Warner Bros. and Player First Games.

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MultiVersus 9/13 – 9/27 Rotation

MultiVersus character rotation batman finn morty iron giant
Image via Warner Bros. Games

If you’re interested in trying several of the game’s excellent characters, you’ll be happy with this rotation. Batman, Finn, and Iron Giant are all-around strong fighters, with Morty being more technical but still enjoyable for those willing to learn his projectile-based playstyle.

  • Batman (Bruiser)
  • Finn (Assassin)
  • Morty (Bruiser
  • Iron Giant (Tank)

MultiVersus 8/30 – 9/13 Rotation

MultiVersus character rotation bugs harley shaggy velma
Image via Warner Bros. Games

September starts with a strong character rotation in MultiVersus. Some of the game’s strongest characters, Bugs Bunny and Velma, make an appearance in the free lineup. If the rabbit makes you looney, it’s good to know he’ll be around quite a bit for a few weeks.

  • Harley Quinn (Assassin)
  • Shaggy (Bruiser)
  • Bugs Bunny (Mage)
  • Velma (Support)

MultiVersus 8/15 – 8/29 Rotation

MultiVersus Character Rotation
Image via Warner Bros. Games

The following characters are available during the first update in Season One for MultiVersus. You’ll have two weeks to test out the following characters in MultiVersus.

  • Arya (Assassin)
  • LeBron (Bruiser)
  • Steven (Support)
  • Batman (Bruiser)

MultiVersus 7/26 – 8/14 Rotation

MultiVersus Finn Garnet Superman Reindog rotation
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

During the Open Beta, you can play the following characters. We’ve listed the available characters and their classes below. Each character in this rotation prioritizes another fighting style, so give each type a try to see which best fits your playstyle in this platform fighter.

  • Finn (Assassin)
  • Garnet (Bruiser)
  • Superman (Tank)
  • Reindog (Support)

Once the above characters exit rotation, you’ll need to purchase them to use them. Don’t worry, though. You’ll get another set of characters to choose from each rotation.

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