Octopath Traveler 2: The best Secondary Class for Agnea

Fine-tune those dancing moves!

In Octopath Traveler 2, eight unique characters join your party on your journey through Solistia. The Dancer, Agnea, is a powerful support character by default, but pairing her with a suitable Secondary Class will make her even more powerful. Find out which Secondary Class option makes Agnea the most powerful in Octopath Traveler 2 and an irreplaceable ally.

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Agnea’s Secondary Class: Thief

Agnea octopath traveler 2 secondary job
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The best Secondary Class for Agnea is the Thief class. While Dancers focus on buffing and aiding party members, Thieves can lower foes’ stats. Agnea is an excellent fit for the Thief Secondary Class because of her knife prowess and inclination toward augmenting other fighters. We often used Agnea’s Latent Power to buff or debuff entire squads with this pairing, so do what fits best. Pairing the Thief and Dancer classes also improves Agnea’s Speed and Evasion stats, making her a hard target to hit.

Where to Find the Thief License

Octopath traveler 2 thief secondary class location
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To equip the Theif Secondary Class to Agnea, you’ll need to unlock it first. Head to Brightlands-Clockbank with either Hikari or Thronè in your party, as you’ll need to bypass a guard to find the location of the Thieves Guild.

Once you’re in Clockbank, look for the hidden door above on the town outskirts. Use Hikari to Duel or Thronè to Ambush the person blocking the path. Head inside at night, speak to the guild leader, and unlock the Thief Secondary Class.

After you unlock the Thief, head to the Job section of the menu and equip the job to Agnea. Only one fighter can use a Secondary Class at a time initially, so plan accordingly, taking party members who won’t need this option. Players can unlock additional licenses for the Thief Secondary Class by doing missions for the guild master. Talk to the leader once more to see his goals, which involve pickpocketing NPCs.

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