Overwatch 2: How to earn Premium Currency

Get ready to grind until you lose your mind.

With Overwatch 2 going free to play, players can instead purchase Premium Currency to get skins and Battle Passes. If you want to earn the latest cosmetics in Overwatch 2, you’ll need to have some Premium Currency, but is there any way to get it without paying? Thankfully, the answer is yes. Ensure you know how to grind this resource during your time with Overwatch 2.

Earning Premium Currency in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 weekly challenges
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Players can earn Premium currency by completing Weekly Challenges in Overwatch 2. The rewards are as follows for these missions.

  • Complete 4 weekly challenges: 30 Points
  • Complete 8 weekly challenges: 20 Points
  • Complete 11 weekly challenges: 10 Points

Weekly Challenges offer various tasks for users to complete, from winning games to blocking damage. Challenges won’t be the same each week, so check the requirements before playing your weekly matches. If users beat all of the Weekly Challenges in Overwatch 2, they can earn a maximum of 60 Points for their account per week.

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Can you get the Premium Battle Pass For Free?

Overwatchj 2 Premium Battle Pass currency
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1000 currency, and players must acquire the max free credits for 17 weeks to earn enough credits to purchase the Battle Pass. Unlocking the first Battle Pass is impossible for free, though there is a chance to get one later. Still, this resource does add up over time for regular players.

If you want to get the first season’s Battle Pass, paying with cash is the only way to do so. The Premium Battle Pass costs roughly $10. Seasons in Overwatch 2 last nine weeks and offer 80 tiers with exclusive rewards for players to add to their account. Players can also buy levels in the pass to skip the grind, but we wouldn’t recommend doing so, as it’s unreasonably pricey.

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