Palworld: Every Video Paldeck entry

Get to know the creatures of Palworld.

It’s been a while since we had a new entry in the monster capture genre of games, and Palworld is the latest title to join the fray. This open-world survival and capture title lets players track down dozens of original creatures.

Pocketpair, the studio behind the title, even has a growing video series called Paldeck that showcases each creature. Check out all the known Paldeck entries here for a glimpse at this growing cast of strange critters.

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No. 001: Foxparks

No. 002: Univolt

No. 003: Relaxaurus

No. 004: Jolthog

No. 005: Incineram

No. 006: Mammorest

No. 007: Lamball

No. 008: Cattiva

No. 009: Gorirat

No. 010: Anubis

No. 011: Dinossom

No. 012: Elphidran

No. 013: Gobfin

No. 014: Eikthyrdeer

No. 015: Grizzbolt

No. 016: Lifmunk

No. 017: Tocotoco

No. 018: Loupmoon

No. 019: Faleris

No. 020: Robinquill

No. 021: Galeclaw

No. 022: Pengullet

No. 023: Digtoise

No. 024: Leezpunk

No. 025: Melpaca

No. 026: Sparkit

No. 027: Pyrin

No. 028: Tanzee

No. 029: Daedream

No. 030: Mossanda

No. 031: Chikipi

No. 032: Nitewing

No. 033: Depresso

No. 034: Warsect

No. 035: Dazzi

No. 036: Cawgnito

No. 037: Flopie

No. 038: Arsox

No. 039: Hangyu

No. 040: Kingpaca

No. 041: Mau

No. 042: Reptyro

No. 043: Sibelyx

No. 044: Fenglope

No. 045: Vixy

No. 046: Shadowbeak

No. 047: Surfent

No. 048: Broncherry

No. 049: Lovander

No. 050: Jetragon

No. 051: Elizabee

No. 052: Rayhound

No. 053: Azurobe

No. 054: Kitsun

No. 055: Quivern

No. 056: Katress

For more on monster capture titles like Pokemon and Palworld, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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