Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All of the Paradox Pokemon

A new type of Pokemon to discover.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced a new type of Pokemon for players to discover. Paradox Pokemon are variants that come from the past or future, and while they resemble creatures from the present day, they often have different appearances and typing. With over a dozen of these

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All Past Paradox Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures for Koraidon
Image via The Pokémon Company

In Pokemon Scarlet, players can find Paradox Pokemon from the past. Past Paradox Pokemon exhibit more exaggerated features with several different typings. To see these version-exclusive creatures, check the list below:

Pokemon Great Tusk
Great Tusk
Pokemon scream tail
Scream Tail
Pokemon Brute Bonnet paradox pokemon
Brute Bonnet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet flutter mane paradox pokemon
Flutter Mane
Pokemon slither wing paradox pokemon
Slither Wing
Pokemon sandy shocks paradox pokemon
Sandy Shocks
Pokemon roaring moon paradox pokemon
Roaring Moon
Pokemon Scarlet Violet new pokemon
Pokemon roaring wake paradox pokemon
Walking Wake
Images via The Pokémon Company

All Future Paradox Pokemon

Pokemon scarlet and violet miraidon
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

In Pokemon Violet, players will find future variants of popular Pokemon. These version exclusives are cyborgs with metallic bodies and different typings, which you can see below:

Pokemon Iron treads paradox pokemon
Iron Treads
Pokemon Iron Bundle paradox pokemon
Iron Bundle
Pokemon Iron Hands paradox pokemon
Iron Hands
Pokemon Iron Jugulis paradox pokemon
Iron Jugulis
Pokemon Iron Moth paradox pokemon
Iron Moth
Pokemon iron thorns paradox pokemon
Iron Thorns
Pokemon iron valiant paradox pokemon
Iron Valiant
New Pokemon Miraidon
Pokemon iron leaves paradox pokemon
Iron Leaves
Images via The Pokémon Company

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