Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All of the starter evolution levels

Tired of wondering when your partner will evolve in Scarlet and Violet? You're not alone!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launching for the Nintendo Switch, players can see a new region and the start of Gen IX. As with every mainline Pokemon game, you’ll pick a starter to join you on this adventure. Each starter has two evolutions, but when can you expect your partner to change? We’ve got info on each evolution below!

If you want to know what each evolution looks like for the Gen IX starter, check out the following article on their new forms. We’ve withheld them here to prevent spoilers for those who don’t want them.

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Sprigatito Evolution Levels

Sprigatito best natures
Image via Bulbapedia

Fuecoco Evolution Levels

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Starter guide fuecoco
Image via Bulbapedia

Quaxly Evolution Levels

Pokemon Quaxly new pokemon best natures
Image via Bulbapedia

Starters have an interesting dynamic in Gen IX of the Pokemon Series, and each of the partner Pokemon exhibits a strength and a weakness against each of its counterparts. For example, as a Water/Fighting type, Quaquaval is super-effective against Skeledirge’s Fire typing but weak against its Ghost-type status.

While the starter trio are the first new Pokemon you’ll encounter on your journey through the Paldea region; they won’t be the last. There are dozens of new Pokemon to discover in Gen IX of Nintendo’s popular franchise, with several new regional variants lurking in Paldea.

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