Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Armarouge

Gen IX of the Pokemon franchise opens with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this entry of the popular monster-catching franchise, players can train a new Fire/Psychic type: Armarogue. Adding this Scarlet exclusive is a great way to make headway in the Paldea region, but you’ll need to know the best natures for its first evolution, Charcadet. See what works best for Armarogue and ensure a powerful partner.

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Best Natures for Armarogue

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Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Armarogue is a Special Attack Pokemon, meaning it won’t use physical moves in battle. Instead of wasting energy on its Attack stat, you’ll want to give it a nature that boosts its Special Attack like Modest. With this nature, you’ll sacrifice the Attack stat, but that won’t be a problem for this fighter. Because Special Attack is Armarogue’s best stat, Modest nature will help to give it an amp. With enough points in this pool, you can send enemies flying with a single strike.

If you want to boost Armarogue’s Speed stat to better balance out its stats overall, we suggest the Timid nature as a second option. The Timid nature gives Armarogue a better Speed stat at the cost of Attack power. Since that Attack stat is wasted on Armarogue, it won’t hurt to add a bit of juice to its Speed. When your partner has as much offensive power as Armarogue, you’ll still easily shred enemies, even without the added Special Attack stat.

Worst Natures for Armarogue

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While the best natures for Armarogue are helpful, several choices can be problematic for this hybrid Pokemon. Should you find either of the two natures below, we suggest looking for a new Charcadet.

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

The last thing your Armarogue should focus on as a Special Attacker is its Attack stats. The Adamant nature takes away from its prize stat, giving those points to the stat pool it can’t use well. Likewise, the Brave nature hurts another key stat in Speed, trading those stats with Attack for a poor stat combo. After you find a nature that suits your needs, you’re ready to evolve your Charcadet, provided you have the right materials.

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