Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Baxcalibur

Add Gen IX's pseudo-legendary to your team.

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players explore a new region in Gen IX with new Pokemon to discover. In this popular monster-catching franchise, some of the most popular Pokemon are pseudo-legendaries. Each gen gets one, and in Gen IX, it’s Baxcalibur. Find out how to make the most of the Ice Dragon Pokemon and take your enemies apart with the best natures.

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Best Natures for Baxcalibur

Pokemon baxcalibur ice dragon pseudo legendary
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As a well-rounded Pokemon with several solid options, you can build your Baxcalibur as an offensive or defensive fighter. Which you choose depends on your playstyle and team needs.

Offensive Build

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

If you want an Attack build for Baxcalibur, you’ll want to focus on one of two natures. If you wish to improve Baxcalibur’s already obscene Attack stat, the Adamant nature is your best choice. You’ll lower Special Attack, but because that’s the worst stat for Baxcalibur, you won’t miss out on much here. We went with this nature during our playthrough for an unstoppable offensive powerhouse.

If you want to get a boost to the Speed stat for this Pokemon instead, we suggest taking the Jolly nature and getting a leg up on enemies. You won’t have the fastest Pokemon with this stat boost, but you’re sure to outpace a good portion of the roster. If you need to strike first, this is the nature for you.

Defensive Build

Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack

Those who want a defensive build for Baxcalibur can use two options to bolster their defenses. If you’re going to boost the Defense stat for this Pokemon, you should choose the Impish nature, which raises this stat at the cost of Special Attack power. On the other hand, the Careful nature adds to Special Defense and helps create a more balanced defender. We suggest this nature if you want to build a strong shield for your team.

Worst Natures for Baxcalibur

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures for Baxcalibur worst natures
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Though there are quite a few options when building the best Baxcalibur, some natures will tank the potential of this Pokemon. Stay away from each of the options below when you are looking for this Pokemon. If you do find a version of this ally with a poor nature, you can head to Montenevera to buy a mint that swaps natures. Visit Chansey Supply and pick a mint up for $20,000.

Offensive Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

If you’re trying to get an offensive Baxcalibur, the last thing you want to raise is Special Attack. Because this is the worst stat for Scarlet and Violet’s pseudo-legendary, it’s not worth focusing on. Not only do the Modest and Quiet natures build upon Special Attack, but they also lower the two critical stats for any Attack-focused Baxcalibur. Modest tanks Attack while Quiet hurts Speed. For that reason, we suggest staying away from either of these choices.

Defensive Build

Mild+Special Attack/-Defense
Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense

Those looking for a defender will want to avoid any natures that lower Defense and Special Defense. The Mild Nature takes away from the Defense stat, while Rash removes Special Defense points. Both natures also amp Baxcalibur’s Special Attack, a stat that won’t help much for this partner Pokemon. It’s not a good tradeoff, so keep on looking if you roll one of these natures.

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