Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Cetitan

Remember the Cetitan.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring plenty of new Pokemon to add to your party, including the Terra Whale Pokemon, Cetitan. This new Ice-type is powerful but focusing on the best build makes it even better. If you want this Ice-type on your squad, it helps to have the best natures equipped. Find out how to bring the true power of this tough Pokemon to the battlefield.

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Best Natures for Cetitan

Pokemon Scarlet and violet cetitan
Image via Bulbapedia
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Cetitan works best as a physical attacker in Scarlet and Violet. This means you’ll want a nature that boosts either the Attack stat or the Speed stat without removing points from either. Those who want extra Attack power should choose Adamant nature, as it boosts Attack at the cost of the Special Attack stat. Since the Special Attack stat is so bad for this Pokemon, you won’t need it anyway.

To add extra Speed to Cetitan, the Jolly nature is an excellent alternative. Thankfully, this nature has the same negative as Adamant, so it won’t impact Cetitan’s performance. With enough Speed, Cetitan can outpace other tanky Pokemon types and strike first. Because the Attack stat is far higher on Cetitan than its Speed, we focused our efforts here during our playthrough.

Worst Natures for Cetitan

Pokemon scarlet and violet best natures guide worst natures cetitan
Image via The Pokémon​ Company

Just as there are natures that improve Cetitan’s performance, there are options that make it weaker. If you have either of the natures listed below, we suggest getting another ally or swapping your titan’s nature with a mint. Players can buy mints to change the nature of any Pokemon at the Chansey Supply store in Montenevera for $20,000 a piece.

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

As a physical attacker, Cetitan should avoid any nature that boosts Special Attack stats, especially if they lower the key stats this Pokemon needs. The Modest nature, for example, takes away from Attack for a Special Attack increase. On the other hand, Quiet nature lowers Speed stats for the same boon.

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