Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Charizard

Get ready to add this Black Tera Raid boss to your Paldean team!

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can add a wide array of Pokemon to their team, but until December 1, 2022, that list didn’t include Charizard, the Gen I icon. Thanks to the Black Tera Raid event, this fan-favorite is back, and you can add him to your team if you’re skilled enough to catch him. Once you catch it, you’ll want to know the best natures for this Fire/Flying fighter. Get the best fit for the popular Pokemon here.

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Best Natures for Charizard

Pokemon Charizard best natures
Image via The Pokémon Company

Charizard is adept at Special Attack builds but can also work as a balanced fighter. Make sure you know what works best for the Flame Pokemon and cater its nature to your play style.

Special Attack Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Charizard’s best stat is its Special Attack. Moves like Flamethrower do impressive damage, especially when complemented by a nature that improves that stat.

Those looking to get the most out of Charizard’s offensive options should invest in the Modest nature, as this will boost Special Attack stats but lower the Attack stat in return. You’ll lose the opportunity to use physical moves with this build, but you’ll adopt the best Special Attacks this monster can employ. Our preferred nature is Modest, though Timid is a close second.

To get a leg up on the competition and attack first, you’ll need Speed, and the Timid nature will boost Speed without harming Special Attack in the process. Like the Modest nature, the Attack stat will get worse, but with this build, your focus is hands-off attacks.

Balanced Attack Build

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

While the Special Attack build was our choice for Charizard, a balanced Attack build is also viable. If you want to have the option to use both physical and special attacks, you’ll want to boost the Attack stat instead. Remember that both attacks won’t be as strong as a Special Attack focus, but you’ll have more room to operate.

The Adamant nature is the best choice for those that want a little extra oomph on physical attacks. You’ll lose a bit of Special Attack power, but you’ll gain the ability to handle moves like Fire Punch and Rock Smash. Throw your opponents off with a mix of move types using this nature.

The Jolly nature lowers Special Attack but boosts Speed so that you won’t get as much added energy behind physical Attacks, but you will be faster. These physical moves will work well without the hit to the Attack stat from the Special Attack build.

Worst Natures for Charizard

Pokemon Scarlet violet charizard worst nature best nature guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

Just as some natures work well for Charizard, others are not as good on the Flame Pokemon. Avoid these natures when building your Charizard. If you find one of the natures below on your partner, you can head to the Chansey Supply store in Montenevera to buy mints that swap natures for $20,000 each.

Special Attack Build

Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack

Because Charizard’s best stat is its Special Attack, you’ll want to avoid any natures that lower that stat. Natures that improve its worst stats, Defense, and Special Defense, are even worse when they take from these crucial facets of Charizard’s kit. The Impish and Careful natures are the Kryptonite to any Special Attack build and should be avoided at all costs.

Balanced Attack Build

Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

Those trying to focus on a balanced build for Charizard would do well to neglect the same bonuses. Stay away from natures that lower Attack with this stat change, especially Bold and Calm. These natures aren’t worth your time, and we would reroll stats immediately.

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