Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Clodsire

Shake things up in the Paldea region with this new Wooper evolution!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet out, players can check out the latest Pokemon to join the franchise, including Clodsire, a new evolution for the Paldea region’s Wooper. If you want to know the options for this new Pokemon, look no further. Find out the best natures for this Gen IX star before you settle on a partner for your journey!

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Best Natures for Clodsire

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Clodsire best natures
Image via Bulbapedia
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack
Impish+Defense/-Special Attack

Clodsire is a tank, which means you’ll want to invest in natures that help it survive hard-hitting attacks. The best stat this Pokemon has is its HP, and since you can’t use a nature to boost that, we suggest bolstering its defenses instead.

The Careful nature boosts Special Defense, protecting your Clodsire from Special Attacks. It’ll lower Special Attack, but Clodsire primarily uses physical attacks to fight others. The Impish nature focuses instead on the Defense stat, and it’s a great option when facing physical attackers. Which of the natures that you choose depends on what your playstyle is. Clodsire has a higher Special Defense, so we decided on the Impish nature to balance the stats.

Worst Natures for Clodsire

Pokemon Scarlet and violet best natures clodsire
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Avoiding a few natures is vital, even if you don’t want to hunt for the best nature in the game. Stay away from each of the natures listed below when seeking a Wooper or Clodsire in Scarlet and Violet.

Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense
Mild+Special Attack/-Defense

Because Clodsire needs its Special Defense and Defense stats, natures like Rash and Mild that take away from these critical stats are a bane to its growth. Both natures take away from the Defense stat and raise the Special Attack stat, and it’s a poor pairing that will make running through Scarlet Violet harder than it needs to be. If you find a Clodsire with either of these natures, we suggest you keep looking for a better fit!

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