Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Dragapult

Galar's crown jewel is back.

One of the best Pokemon of Gen VIII is Dragapult. This pseudo-legendary pairs Dragon and Ghost types with blistering Speed and oppressive attacks. While just about any Dragapult is effective, getting the best natures for this ethereal dragon will put your fighter on the next level. Find out what works best for this titan before you settle on an ally.

Best Natures for Dragapult

Pokemon Dragapult Pseudo legendary gen VIII best natures
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Thanks to a varied move pool, you can customize your build with Dragapult. Whether you want a physical or special attacker, you can cater your partner to that play style. We’ve listed the best natures for each of these presets below.

Attack Dragapult

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Dragapult’s Speed is its best stat, with Attack falling right behind. To balance these two titanic stats, we recommend an Adamant nature as this nature boosts Attack power in exchange for Special Attack. While the Special Attack for this partner is high, those building towards a physical Dragapult can lower this stat in favor of Attack.

If you want to increase Dragapult’s Speed, choosing the Jolly nature is another option. The Jolly nature adds more Speed at the cost of Special Attack, but if you want a physical attack build for this Pokemon, you won’t miss out by letting some of that Special Attack power go.

Special Attack Dragapult

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

If you want to focus your energy on Special Attacks, there are several options for your Dragapult. Those who want to boost their Special Attack would do well with the Modest nature. Modest lowers Attack power but brings up Special Attack and balances the two. With this build, you can still use physical attacks, but your Special moves are sure to pack more of a punch.

Those interested in boosting their Speed should go for the Timid nature, which lowers the Attack stat and improves this stat, making Dragapult a bullet on the battlefield. Because the Special Attack stat for Dragapult is already so high, you can use it without much of a boost; you want to avoid lowering it when you make this build.

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Worst Natures for Dragapult

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Dragapult Hawlucha best natures worst natures
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If you’re not too keen on grinding for the best nature, there are other options for your partner. So long as you avoid the following options during your Scarlet and Violet playthrough, you should be good to select a partner Dreepy, Drakloak, or Dragapult.

Attack Dragapult


If you want the Attack build for Dragapult, you want to avoid a nature that lowers the Attack or Speed stats. The worst pair for this build is the Calm nature, which raises Special Defense while lowering Attack stats, and the Relaxed nature, which heightens Defense at the cost of Speed. Because its defense stats are the lowest in the pool, these natures aren’t worth the tradeoff for Dragapult.

Special Attack Dragapult

Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack
Sassy+Special Defense/-Speed

Likewise, when making a Special Attack Dragapult, you want to avoid natures that lower Special Attack or Speed if you can help it, especially when you don’t get a fair tradeoff. The Careful nature lowers Special Attack and boosts Special Defense, the only stat as low as Defense in Dragapult’s repertoire. The Sassy nature boosts the same stat at the cost of Speed, making them both hurtful options. If you find Dragapult or its evolutions with these natures, head back to the field and find another.

Once you’ve found an ally that avoids the worst natures, you’re sure to shred the competition in any region, even Paldea! We wish you luck on your adventure!

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