Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Eiscue

Beat the heat by building the best Eiscue for your team!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releasing for Nintendo Switch, players can take part in a new journey across the Paldea region. Though plenty of new Pokemon can join your team, you can also add some familiar faces to your party. If you want to grab the Violet exclusive, Eiscue, for your team, it will help to know the best natures. Find out how to make the most of the Eiscue with these natures.

Best Natures for Eiscue

Pokemon Scarlet Violet esicue ice type best natures
Image via The Pokémon Company
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Eiscue may seem like a defender, but that’s only until his head shatters. During the battle, the penguin’s head takes a hit to protect it, but it enters its Noice form once it takes damage. This is the form you want to build your stats around. Noice form Eiscue has an incredible Speed stat, which you’ll want to build around.

The Jolly nature increases the Speed stat more, making sure you’ll hit first after getting smacked the first time around. It’ll lower Special Attack, but that stat doesn’t matter for Eiscue.

On the other hand, the Adamant nature boosts the Attack stat, which you’ll need to fight, so if you’d rather build towards a better offensive, this is the nature for you. Which you choose depends on your preference.

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Worst Natures for Eiscue

Pokemon Scarlet Violet best natures eiscue
Image via The Pokémon Company

Just as there are excellent natures for this Pokemon, some pair poorly with Eiscue. Ensure you don’t invest time training a partner with the following natures.

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

While you need the Speed and Attack stat to do your best in fights, natures like Modest and Quiet instead focus on Special Attack at the cost of these crucial stats. Because these natures hurt far more than any others, we can’t suggest taking an Eiscue with these natures into the field.

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