Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Fidough and Dachsbun

This Pokemon takes the cake as the cutest pup around.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer plenty of new Pokemon to add to your team for Gen IX, but few are as adorable as Fidough and its evolution Dachsbun. If you want to add this doughy duo of Pokemon to your team in the Paldea region, getting the best natures is an easy way to get these puppies to be as deadly as they are cute.

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Best Natures for Fidough and Dachsbun

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fidough best natures
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Fidough and Dachsbun can function as both offensive and defensive Pokemon thanks to a varied stat pool. Find out which type suits your playstyle, and see the list below for info on each build.

Offensive Build

Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Thanks to an impressive Speed EV yield, Fidough and Dachsbun are great at outpacing their competition. Those who want to take advantage of this Fairy type’s high Speed stat should invest in one with a Jolly nature: Jolly Fidough and Dachsbun trade Special Attack points for Speed. Because Special Attack is the worst stat for this Pokemon, you won’t use it anyway. It’s better to take the tradeoff here and improve Speed. We went with a Jolly build for our fighter.

If you’d rather up the Attack stat for these Fairy-type canines, the Adamant nature raises Attack in exchange for some Special Attack points. It’s an excellent tradeoff for a physical fighter like Figough and Dachsbun, so take this option if you come across it. This option is also viable, just made for a different playstyle.

Defensive Build

Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack

While Fidough and Dachsbun make competent attack Pokemon, they work even better as defenders. Fidough’s best stat is its Defense, which only improves as it evolves. For this reason, we suggest the Impish nature, which adds to the Defense stat while denigrating Special Attack.

The Careful nature is solid if you’d rather put points into Special Defense and round out this Fairy type’s stats. Careful also takes points from the Special Attack stat, but it adds to Special Defense. While your Special Defense won’t reach your Defense levels, it should help with Pokemon that don’t use physical moves.

Worst Natures for Fidought and Dachsbun

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fidough worst natures best natures guide
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Despite several strong natures at its disposal, Fidough can also have natures that make it a poor fighter. If you find this Pokemon with the options listed below, we suggest putting your newfound friends back in the PC box where they won’t weigh you down.

Offensive Build

Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

As a Pokemon that won’t make much traction with Special Attack, investing points into this stat is a fruitless endeavor. Should you see a Fidough with Quiet or Modest natures, it’s best to avoid them.

The Quiet nature offers Special Attack aid but hurts the Speed stat. Because Fidough needs that stat to contend in battle, this is a tradeoff with no merit. The Modest nature also improves Special Attacks, but tanks Attack power in the process. With no boons to offer, these natures aren’t worth your time as a Fidough or Dachsbun trainer.

Defensive Build

Mild+Special Attack/-Defense
Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense

If you want to focus on Defense, the two natures you should avoid at all costs are Mild and Rash. Mild nature lowers the Defense stat for Fidough, instead giving those points to Special Attack. On the other hand, Rash takes away from Special Defense, offering the same bonus in return. There’s no winning with either option here.

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