Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Finizen and Palafin

From Zero to Hero, just like that.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are quite a few new heavy-hitting Pokemon. Surprisingly, the adorable Dolphin Pokemon, Finizen and Palafin, hit the top tier for battles. Thanks to a fantastic ability, these aquatic fighters can trounce the competition. Find the best natures for these heroic Water types and flatten your enemies.

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Best Natures for Finizen and Palafin

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures palafin
Image via Pokemon Database
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

At first glance, Finizen and Palafin have underwhelming stats, but that all changes when the Zero to Hero ability kicks in. After you switch Palafin back in after a swap out, it unlocks its Hero form, which boasts absurd stats. Almost every stat in its pool is excellent, but one stat is unmatched: its Attack.

Because the Attack stat is the bread and butter of Palafin, you should build your partner to complement that strength. Since Speed decides who goes first, you may want to invest in Jolly nature. You’ll take points from the Special Attack stat, but that’s fine for a physical fighter like Palafin. We suggest choosing this stat when building your ally.

Adamant nature is also an option if you want even more power behind your attacks. While we don’t think it’s needed, there’s always a bit of satisfaction from stomping other teams with your ace.

Worst Natures for Finizen and Palafin

Pokemon scarlet and violet best natures for finizen and palafin worst natures
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

When you find Finizen and Palafin, you’ll want to watch a few natures. These natures could undermine a great build and make the once great Palafin a shell of its potential self. Should you see your ally sporting either of the natures below, you ought to find another or change its nature entirely. You’ll need mints to change a Pokemon’s nature, which you can get in the open world, Tera Raids, or at a shop in-game. Head to Chansey Supply in Montenevera to buy mints for $20,000 each.

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

The Modest nature puts points into Special Attack and removes stats from Attack. As the best stat for Finizen and Palafin, you’ll want to keep that strength intact. Any nature that lowers Attack is a poor choice for this Pokemon, but Modest is the worst-case scenario.

Another bad choice for these two Water Pokemon is Quiet nature which reduces Speed stats and boosts Special Attack. Since Palafin wants to go first in a fight, the Quiet nature is less than ideal, and while it isn’t as bad as Modest, it’s a nature to avoid. Once you find your way around these choices, you’re set to train one of the best Pokemon in all of Paldea for your team.

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