Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane is a monster on the battlefield, especially when optimized.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet let players add dozens of new creatures to their party to become the best. A new type of Pokemon known as Paradox Pokemon joins the rest this time. Though they resemble known Pokemon, they boast their own stats and strengths. One new face from this set is Flutter Mane, a powerful Special Attacker exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, but you’ll need to know the best natures before you settle on one for your team.

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Best Natures for Flutter Mane

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures flutter mane
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Flutter Man can excel in three categories thanks to three stats with identical values sitting at 135. Two options are offensive, while the other is defensive. Select one option from the stat pools below when choosing a partner in Paldea.

Offensive Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

You’ll have two options if you want a Flutter Man centered around Attack. Those who want to raise the Special Attack stat should focus on the Modest nature, which puts points into this offensive option at the cost of Attack points. Since Flutter Mane won’t use physical attacks (and shouldn’t), you won’t miss the points in this tradeoff. During our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet playthrough, we went with the Modest nature.

If you’d rather raise the Speed stat for your Flutter Mane, the Timid nature will improve this stat at the cost of Attack stat points. While you won’t hit as hard with this nature, you’re almost guaranteed to outpace other fighters, as Flutter Man’s Speed stat is unrivaled.

Defensive Build

Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

Surprisingly, Flutter Man has a solid Special Defense stat on top of its high Special Attack and Speed options. Because of this, you could make your own Special Defender with Flutter Mane, even if we don’t think that’s the best use of this Pokemon’s power. Those who want to shape their Flutter Mane around Special Defense should choose the Calm nature, which amps Special Defense in exchange for Attack stat points.

Worst Natures for Flutter Mane

Pokemon scarlet and violet flutter mane best natures guide worst natures guide
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Just as Flutter Mane has some natures that make it even better in battle, a few options can hurt its performance. We suggest avoiding the following natures when building a Flutter Mane for your team. If you get a Flutter Mane with any of the options below, we recommend finding a new Pokemon or changing its nature with a mint. You can buy mints to swap natures at the Chansey Supply shop in Montenevera for $20,000 each.

Offensive Build

Adamant+Attack/Special Attack

As a Special Attack Pokemon, Flutter Mane needs every point it can get in that stat. Any nature that takes points away from the Special Attack stat is a no-go, especially if it gives a stat that doesn’t work very well with Flutter Mane. The Adamant nature is the worst option for Flutter Mane, as the Attack stat is so bad for this Pokemon. Brave nature is the worst for those aiming to improve the Speed stat and the second worst option overall.

Defensive Build

Lax+Defense/-Special Defense

Those who want to build a Special Defense Flutter Mane should steer clear of the Lax nature. This option takes points out of one of its best stats for a Defense boost. While Defense stats are great for some fighters, it’s a terrible stat on Flutter Mane.

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