Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Fuecoco

Make the most of Fuecoco's stats with the right natures!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet kick off Gen IX and introduce the Paldea region with it. During a new generation of Pokemon games, there are always three new starters to meet. This time around, the Fire-type, Fuecoco, joins the hot-handed trainers. Find out what the best natures are for the Fire Croc Pokemon before you settle on that starter in this new journey.

Best Natures for Fuecoco

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Starter guide fuecoco
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Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

As a Special Attack specialist, Fuecoco works best with natures that improve its Special Attack stat. Those who want to improve their partner Pokemon’s Special Attack ought to select the Modest nature, which boosts Special Attack and lowers Attack. Since Fuecoco doesn’t need to use Attack, this stat drop won’t matter.

Another option for Fuecoco trainers would be a boost to Defense, as the stat is almost as solid as its Special Attack. The Bold nature bolsters the Defense stat in exchange for Attack power, and for Fuecoco, that’s a fair trade.

The last option for Fuecoco trainers sees a boost for Speed, the Fire Croc Pokemon’s worst stat at the cost of Attack. Boosting Speed could help Fuecoco keep pace with its enemies and give it more rounded stats. If this sounds good to you, go with Timid nature.

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Worst Natures for Fuecoco

Pokemon Scarlet Violet worst nature best natures guide fuecoco
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While the best natures are always remarkable, you could find yourself with a starter bearing the worst of the bunch. If your Fuecoco has any of the natures below, we suggest reloading your save and trying again.

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Because Fuecoco relies on Special Attack, a nature that lowers it is less than ideal. The Adamant nature improves Attack at the cost of Special Attack points, making it a poor option.

Likewise, the Lonely nature lowers another key stat in exchange for Attack points: Defense. If you want your starter to tank attacks, it should avoid this nature at all costs.

Lastly, try not to wind up with a Brave Fuecoco, as it lowers its already low Speed in exchange for Attack boosts.

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