Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Goodra

Get this goopy Dragon-type ready for battle!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet out for fans to enjoy, it’s time to get a team together to take on the Paldea region! If you want to add the pseudo-legendary, Goodra to your team, you’ll want to know the best natures possible. Make the most of this powerhouse by optimizing its stats!

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Best Natures for Goodra

Pokemon Goodra Pseudo legendary gen VI
Image via The Pokémon Company

Thanks to Goodra’s versatile stat pool, you could go with several builds for this Dragon Pokemon. Whether you hone in on offensive power or defensive prowess is up to player preference.

Attack Goodra

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

If you want to take advantage of Goodra’s offensive stats, there are two natures we recommend honing in on. The Modest nature offers a boost to Special Attack at the cost of some of Attack power. Because Goodra has a higher Special Attack value, we suggest putting points there.

If you’d rather improve Goodra’s Speed to give it a better chance at outpacing your enemies, the Timid nature is an excellent option, as it boosts Speed in exchange for some Attack power. You’ll have to use Special Attacks with this nature, but that won’t be a problem for Goodra.

Defense Goodra

Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

If you want to batten down the hatches and guard your team against harm, Goodra is a stalwart Defender with several choices. Want to bring Goodra’s Defense up and round out its defensive stats? The Bold nature will get the job done. This choice results in less power in the Attack stat, but you’ll do well without it.

For those looking to boost Goodra’s high Special Defense stat, the Calm nature is your best bet, as it bolsters Special Defense at the cost of Attack power. You’re sure to make a rigid wall to break if you decide on this nature, but no matter your choice, you’ve got some solid options.

Worst Natures for Goodra

worst natures goodra best natures guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

While aiming for the best natures is a great idea, what’s even more important is avoiding the worst stat changes for your partner Pokemon. If you see the following natures on a Goodra or any of its evolutions in the wild, be sure to keep looking for a better fit.

Attack Goodra

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Because Goodra has a higher Special Attack stat than its regular Attack, we can’t recommend you select the Adamant nature, as it draws away from this advantage. Likewise, Brave nature takes away from another vital stat: Speed. Each of these natures offers negatives that outweigh its boons.

Defense Goodra

Naughty+Attack/-Special Defense

Those trying to make a Defensive Goodra won’t want to focus on a nature that takes away from Defense or Special Defense. Because Naughty and Lonely do the last thing you’d like with this build, it’s better to let these Goodra go. Despite a wide array of options for this pseudo-legendary, you can make the most of it in several ways.

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