Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Iron Treads

Get the best version of this Violet-exclusive elephant titan for your party.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can find a new type of creature called Paradox Pokemon. Each of these beasts resembles Pokemon from the present day of Paldea, and the Violet exclusive, Iron Treads, is the future form of Donphan. Find out the best natures for the cyborg Pokemon here.

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Best Natures for Iron Treads

Pokemon Scarlet Violet best natures iron treads
Image via Bulbapedia

Iron Treads is a strong attacker and defender, thanks to a list of solid stats. You’ll need to cater your nature to a certain playstyle, but doing this will ensure you have a reliable ally on the field.

Offensive Build

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

If you want to use Iron Treads with an offensive focus, there are two natures you should focus on.

The Adamant nature will improve the Attack stat but take away from Special Attack. Because Iron Treads works better as a physical attacker, you won’t need the Special Attack stat. Since Iron Treads has such a high Speed by default, we suggest the Adamant nature to mow down the opposition. Every Attack point counts in a fight! The Jolly nature will boost Iron Treads’ Speed stat, decreasing the same stat. Thanks to a high Speed stat, Iron Treads can outpace even limber Pokemon, especially with this nature in tow.

Defensive Build

Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack

While Iron Treads works great as an attacker, it’s even better as a defender. The best stat for this Paradox Pokemon is its Defense stat. For this reason, we suggest the Impish nature over all others. This nature will raise the Defense stat further, taking away from Special Attack, which won’t hurt it.

Those who’d rather try to up Iron Treads’ middling Special Defense stat could put points into it with the Careful nature, but we would advise against it given the other option. In the end, both choices could make a strong defender, but your preference is what matters.

Worst Nature for Iron Treads

pokemon scarlet and violet best natures iron treads
Image via The Pokémon Company

Just as there are natures that work best for Iron Treads, some are poor fits for the Paradox Pokemon. Should you find an Iron Treads with any of the natures listed below, we suggest heading back to hunt for another. You could also go to the Chansey Supply store in Montenevera to purchase a stat-swapping mint for $20,000.

Offensive Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

Those building an attack Iron Treads should avoid natures that take away from the Attack and Speed stats. The worst offenders for this build are the Modest and Quiet natures. Modest takes away from the crucial Attack stat, while Quiet removes points from the Speed stat. Each of these natures also ups Special Attack, one of Iron Treads’ worst stats.

Defensive Build

Mild+Special Attack/-Defense
Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense

As a defender, you’ll want to evade any natures that hurt the Defense and Special Defense stats. The natures that hit the hardest boost the Special Attack stat at the cost of the nerf to its key stats. Mild hits the Defense stat hard while Rash tanks the Special Defense, hurting its ability to fight Special moves in the game.

Once you find a nature that fits your build, you’re ready to add this Gen IX titan to your team.

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