Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Jolteon

Shock your competition with best version the Lightning Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set players on a journey through the Paldea region, and while new creatures get plenty of attention this time, fan favorites also make an appearance. Eevee’s back, and so are its many evolutions, including Jolteon. If you want to add this sparky buddy to your team, it helps to know the best natures to draw out the most power from your partner. Find out what works best when playing with the Lightning Pokemon.

Best Natures for Jolteon

Pokemon Jolteon gen i best natures
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Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Jolteon thrives on Speed and Special Attack stats. Depending on what you want from your partner, there are two ways to go. The Timid nature improves Speed while lowering Attack, making it an excellent option for those who want to strike first in a fight. The Modest nature hones in on Special Attack, so you’ll want to find an Eevee or Jolteon with these natures if you favor offensive power over Speed. Because Jolteon doesn’t use the Attack stat, the negatives of these natures won’t impact it.

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Worst Natures for Jolteon

Pokemon scarlet violet worst natures jolteon best natures guide
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Even if you’re not looking for the best natures for your Jolteon, try to avoid the worst ones. Keep an eye out for the following natures when scouting for your partner Pokemon in the field. If you’ve got one of the ones below, try evolving Eevee into another evolution better suited for them, like Flareon.

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Giving Jolteon a nature that lowers its Speed or Special Attack is counterproductive, and the Brave and Adamant natures focus on building Attack. Jolteon won’t make the most of these stats, as mentioned above. You’re better off searching for a better fit than settling on these natures for your partner Pokemon.

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