Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Klawf

Crush the competition with the best version of the Stony Cliff Titan by your side!

Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is out for Nintendo Switch, users can make the most of their time with Gen IX by using new Pokemon from the Paldea region. One of the new creatures from this generation is Klawf, the Ambush Pokemon. If you want to add this crab Pokemon to your team, you ought to learn its best natures!

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Best Natures for Klawf

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Klawf Best natures
Image via Bulbapedia
Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Klawf exhibits two stats far higher than any other: Defense and Attack. You’ll want to build your stats around this Rock Pokemon’s strengths. You have three options when building Klawf’s stats.

If you want to increase the Defense stat further, the Impish nature will do so in exchange for Special Attack points. Because Special Attack is the worst option in the Klawf pool, you won’t need those points.

Those who want to improve Attack and get a more balanced build can choose the Adamant nature. Klawf’s Attack stat will never outdo its Defense, but the added points will give it more oppressive offensive power.

Lastly, you can choose Jolly nature to give your partner a boon for its Speed stat. Despite its size, Klawf has decent Speed, and the Jolly nature can help it outpace a fair amount of other Pokemon. This bonus is excellent, especially when trading the useless Special Attack stat.

Worst Natures for Klawf

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures guide worst natures
Image via The Pokémon Company

While not all Klawfs have the best nature, most can make strong allies. Some, however, are poor partners entirely. If you see a Klawf with the following characters, you’re better off looking for another Pokemon.

Mild+Special Attack/-Defense
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

Because the Special Attack stat is so useless for Klawf, any nature that improves it wastes trainer time. Three natures, in particular, take away from vital Klawf stats on top of boosting Special Attack. Mild takes away from Klawf’s precious Defense, Modest lowers the Attack stat, and Quiet removes some Speed. Because these natures offer no boon for this Pokemon, it’s worth putting any Klawf with them in a PC box.

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