Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Leafeon

Float like an Eevee, sting like a Leafeon.

After the launch of another Pokemon generation, players get to check out a brand new region filled with new Pokemon and friends. While the latest creatures are sure to get some spotlight this time, there are plenty of returning Pokemon, including Eevee and each of its evolutions. If you want to add the Grass-type eeveelution, Leafeon, to your team, it will help to get the best natures possible for your partner. Find out what fits Leafeon best before choosing your ally.

Best Natures for Leafeon

Pokemon Leafeon grass type gen iv
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Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

The most important stats for Leafeon are its Speed and Attack, and this Attack-based battler performs best when it has a nature that boosts either of those stats. If you want to increase Leafeon’s Speed stat, the Jolly nature does so. Though Jolly nature takes Special Attack points, this Pokemon won’t need them.

Adamant nature is a better call for trainers who want to invest in Attack. Adamant amps Attack in exchange for Special Attack stat points. As we said earlier, that’s not a big deal since Leafeon isn’t a great physical Attack Pokemon. Pick whatever nature fits your playstyle, as each is viable.

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Worst Natures for Leafeon

Pokemon worst natures best natures guide leafeon
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While the best nature is often a concern for competitive trainers, casual players may not see a point. There’s nothing wrong with ignoring the best nature, but you’ll want to avoid the worst options too.

Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

The Quiet and Modest natures offer the worst stat changes for Leafeon. Each of these natures boosts the Special Attack stat, which Leafeon won’t use. Additionally, these natures lower Speed and Attack, respectively, taking away from the most important stats for this Pokemon. Should you find yourself with an Eevee with these stats, we recommend evolving it into a Vaporeon instead, as the boosts would better serve that evolution.

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