Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Lechonk

Get this cute normal type early on and build a battling beast.

Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out, players can work to assemble their dream team to help them brave the wilds of the Paldea region. One of the new faces players can meet in Gen IX, Lechonk is a sturdy pig and a solid ally. If you want to add this early game icon to your team, it’s best to do so once you find a Lechonk featuring one of the best natures. Find out which options are the best for this tiny Pig Pokemon.

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Best Natures for Lechonk

Pokemon scarlet and violet lechonk normal
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Because Lechonk has a solid stat pool, players can choose several viable options. Depending on what type of partner you want, you can add this pig Pokemon to your team as an offensive or defensive player.

Offensive Lechonk

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Lechonk has a solid Attack stat, and it only gets better once it evolves into Oinkologne. If you want to make the most of that Attack power, you’ve got two options. Those who wish to increase their Attack points further should choose the Adamant nature. Adamant offers a sizable boost to the Attack stat while taking away from Special Attack. Despite this negative, you’ll have nothing to worry about, as Lechonk uses physical attacks for the most part.

Those who want to boost Lechonk’s Speed stat and give it a better chance at attacking first should select the Jolly nature on their journey. Jolly nature improves the Speed stat at the cost of some Special Attack points. Though you won’t outpace blitzes from Pokemon like Jolteon and Pawmi, you’ll still have a chance against lumbering giants like Klawf.

Defensive Lechonk

Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack
Impish+Defense/-Special Attack

If you’d rather have a defender on your team, Lechonk has options. This pig Pokemon has an above-average Special Defense stat, and those who settle on a Careful nature should see that stat get even better. It’ll cost Lechonk some Special Attack points, but it’s a fair tradeoff.

Those interested in rounding out their Defense can also put points into the Impish nature. With the added Defense points, Lechonk will fare better against physical moves, and it only takes away from the Special Attack stat.

Worst Natures for Lechonk

Pokemon scarlet and violet lechonk worst natures best natures guide
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While there are natures that help bring out the best in Lechonk, others lower that potential. If you find a Lechonk with one of the natures below, it won’t make a good match for that build. Steer clear of Lechonk with these modifiers if you want a reliable partner.

Offensive Lechonk

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

The Modest and Quiet natures aren’t optimal if you want to make the most of an offensive Lechonk. The Modest nature denigrates Attack for the Special Attack stat, and because Lechonk is most effective with physical attacks, this isn’t an option worth investing in.

Likewise, the Quiet nature bolsters Special Attack stats, but this option steals points from Speed. You’ll want every Speed point you can get with this Normal type fighter, so trading away Speed for Special Attack is a no-go.

Defensive Lechonk

Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense
Mild+Special Attack/-Defense

As a defender, your Lechonk will want to avoid any options that impede its ability to survive damage. Natures like Rash and Mild offer the worst stat changes for this goal. The Rash nature takes away from Special Defense and adds those points to Special Attack, while the Mild nature yoinks points from Defense instead. If you encounter an ally with either of these natures, leaving it in the PC box is better.

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