Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Lycanroc

Get this wolf Pokemon fighting fit for Scarlet and Violet!

During your trip through the Paldea region, you’ll find Pokemon from across the series-wide history. One familiar face you’ll find when trekking through Gen IX is Lycanroc. This Wolf Pokemon is a great ally to have on the battlefield if you’ve got one with a good nature. While all Pokemon have a nature, not all of them work for each creature. Make sure you get the best natures for Rockruff and its evolution, Lycanroc, on your adventure.

Best Natures for Lycanroc

Pokemon lycanroc rock best natures
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Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Lycanroc is a powerful physical attacker with great speed. Though it excels in both Attack and Speed, the Attack is just slightly better. Because of this, we recommend grabbing a Lycanroc with a Jolly nature to even out its stats. This way, you’ll get powerful physical moves that outpace your opponents. The Adamant nature is also viable if you’d like to boost your Lycanroc’s Attack instead. Both natures lower Special Attack, a stat that isn’t useful for this Pokemon.

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Worst Natures for Lycanroc

Pokemon Dusk Worst Naure Lycanroc
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While traveling through the Paldea region, you may find a Rockruff or Lycanroc that doesn’t have the best nature possible, but is that okay? Not having one of the best natures is fine, provided you stay away from the worst natures, which you can find below.

Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Because both the Quiet and Modest natures buff Special Attack, a stat that isn’t useful for Lycanroc, these natures aren’t ideal. However, they are the worst options because each one lowers a key stat. The Quiet nature reduces Lycanroc’s Speed, while the Modest natures lose Attack. We suggest avoiding either of these sets when looking for a partner. Once you have a Lycanroc with a serviceable nature, you’re ready to take on Paldea!

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