Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Maushold

Fighting's a family venture with this Pokemon!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring several new faces to the franchise. While legendaries and Paradox Pokemon are front and center for Gen IX, several new normal Pokemon are sure to be fan favorites. This time, the adorable Pokemon Maushold joins the fray and fights on the field as a family. If you want to beat your foes with these precious allies, you’ll need the best natures out there!

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Best Natures for Maushold

pokemon scarlet and violet best natures maushold
Image via Pokemon Database
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Maushold has two stats far better than the rest: Speed and Attack. Those who want to build the best version of this Pokemon want to choose a nature that boosts one of these two stats. To increase the Speed stat for Maushold, you’ll need Jolly nature but keep in mind it lowers Special Attack. To improve Maushold’s Attack stat, you’ll want to side with the Adamant nature. This nature also lowers Special Attack stats.

Thankfully, Maushold doesn’t use Special Attack to fight, so that change won’t hurt too much. Because Maushold isn’t the sturdiest Pokemon, we went with Jolly nature to ensure it strikes first in a fight.

Worst Natures for Maushold

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures guide worst natures maushold
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Though several natures make Maushold stronger, some options can weaken your new Pokemon. If you find out your buddies have the following natures, we recommend swapping to another set or changing their natures. Players can change the nature of Pokemon by giving them mints. You can buy mints from the Chansey Supply shop in Montenevera for $20,000.

Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Because Maushold needs the Attack and Speed stats, any nature that takes points away from them is a bad match. Natures that boost a stat it can’t use as well are the worst-case scenario. For that reason, you want to avoid Quiet and Modest at all costs.

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