Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Miraidon

Make the most of Violet's legendary Paradox Pokemon!

In Pokemon Violet, players join forces with a new legendary Pokemon known as Miraidon. Though you spend your entire adventure in the Paldea region with this Pokemon, you’ll have to wait until late game to add it to your party. When you get the chance to party up with Miraidon, we suggest checking for the best natures before settling.

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Best Natures for Miraidon

New Pokemon Miraidon
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Because Miraidon is a Pokemon with a sizable stat pool, you can have an offensive or defensive build. Which type you choose depends on your preference. Check out which natures work best with each type.

Offensive Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

If you want to use Miraidon as an offensive ally, you’ll want to build around its Special Attack and Speed stats. The Paradox Pokemon works well with natures like Modest, which ups its Special Attack stat but lowers Attack power.

Those who want to improve the Speed stat for Miraidon would do well to aim for the Timid nature. While you won’t be as powerful with this nature, you’re sure to outpace any enemy you encounter. Which nature you choose is up to you, but we suggest the Modest nature, as the base Speed for Miradon is higher than most Pokemon by a mile.


Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

If you’d rather build a Defensive Miraidon for your party, you have two other options. Those who want to focus on the Special Defense stat should invest in the Calm nature. You’ll lower the Attack stat here, but as a Special Attacker, that won’t be a problem.

Those who want to round Miraidon’s Defensive stats might want to invest in the Bold nature, as the Defense stat is a bit lower than Special Defense for this Pokemon. We would side with the Calm nature here since a lower Defense stat can make you vulnerable to physical attacks.

Worst Natures for Miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet worst natures for Miraidon best natures guide
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Despite Miraidon having a long list of options, there are several natures any trainer will want to avoid. Keep track of which natures to avoid when building your Violet-exclusive ally. If you don’t get the best stats available for this partner, that’s okay! Wait until after the credits roll and head back to the crater to find another version of the legendary. Save before you start a fight and reroll until you get the build you want.

Offensive Build

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Any Attack Miraidon should avoid natures that lower the Special Attack and Speed stats, especially if they don’t give stat increases worth the tradeoff. The Adamant nature is one of the worst options on the board for an offensive Miraidon because it takes away from Special Attack and boosts the Attack stat, one that this Pokemon shouldn’t use at all.

The Quiet nature is just as destructive as Adamant since it lowers the Speed stat for the same bonus. Any Miraidon boasting either of these natures will be a poor option as an Attacker compared to others of its ilk.

Defensive Build

Naughty+Attack/-Special Defense

Just like the attack build of Miraidon, there are two natures you should avoid when aiming for a Defensive Miraidon. Those who wish to get the most out of their Special Defense stat will find the Naughty nature as the worst choice, as it lowers this trait for the Attack stat.

Though Naughty nature is a poor choice, Lonely is also a problem. You’ll see a drop in Defense in any Pokemon with this trait, and with a focus on Attack, you won’t see much of a point in this nature.

Once you find a nature that fits your playstyle, you’re ready to explore the Paldea region! Make sure to build a balanced team when you take on the Scarlet and Violet endgame content. Plenty of tough fights are waiting for you at the end of the game, but you’ll find a few new Pokemon to add to your collection.

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