Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Noivern

Get this Gen VI Dragon-type ready for battle!

In Gen IX’s Scarlet and Violet, several familiar Pokemon appear. If you’re a fan of the Flying/Dragon-type Noivern, getting one with a strong skillset should make your time in the Paldea region much more manageable. While there are plenty of these Gen VI bats to find, those with the best natures are sure to stand out in battle. Make sure you find the best natures for Noivern in Scarlet and Violet before you settle on a partner.

Best Natures for Noivern

Pokemon Noivern Scarlet Violet best natures
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Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Noivern excels as a quick attacker with a Speed stat far above average. We recommend using the Timid nature to make Noivern even faster to ensure you strike first in battle. The Timid nature raises the Speed stat but lowers another stat, like any other nature. Thankfully, Noivern doesn’t use the Attack stat, so this sacrifice isn’t a big deal. If you’d rather boost Noivern’s Special Attack to make it a more rounded fighter, Modest is an excellent alternative. Unlike the Timid nature, Modest raises Special Attack while lowering the Attack stat. It’s another solid tradeoff worth the investment if you want a dedicated Special Attacker on your team.

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Worst Natures for Noivern

Pokemon Noivern Scarlet Violet Hawlucha Worst Natures
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While getting the best natures in Pokemon often leads to some strong partners, finding an optimized ally can be a grind. If you’re not interested in grabbing the best nature for Noivern, avoiding the following natures is essential. These are the worst options for Noivern overall.

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

As a Special Attacker, Noivern doesn’t need to focus its stat boosts on the Attack stat. Because both the Brave and Adamant natures improve Attack, they are already a poor choice, but what makes them the worst is that they either lower Speed or Special Attack, respectively. These are the two most important stats for Noivern, so avoid lowering these two stats at all costs. After you find a Noivern that passes the nature check, you’re free to head out into Paldea and take on any opponent the region can throw at you.

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