Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Orthworm

Get an optimized Orthworm for your team in Scarlet and Violet!

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players get to explore the Paldea region and see a new array of creatures to add to their teams. Among the cast this time around, players can find several titanic beasts. One of these burly beasts is Orthworm, a new Steel type that burrows in the grounds of Paldea. Find out the best natures for this powerful ally and take Gen IX by storm.

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Best Natures for Orthworm

Pokemon Scarlet violet orthworm best natures
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Impish+Defense/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack

Once you get the Earthworm Pokemon for your team, you’ll need to check for one of the best nature for this fighter. You’ve got three options for Orthworm: Impish, Adamant, and Jolly. All of these options lower Special Attack, a stat that Orthworm won’t need.

The Impish nature builds the already intense Defense stat. As its best stat, Defense makes this Pokemon a tank that can take physical attacks with ease. Even though those stats are groundbreaking, you could add more points to make an even more impressive defense.

Another option is the Adamant nature, which improves the Attack stat. While the Attack for this Pokemon is nowhere near the level of its Defense stat, Orthworm is a competent attacker. We went with this nature to give our armless ally a bit of extra oomph.

Your last option is Jolly nature, one that adds to the Speed stat. You won’t beet blitzers like Pawmi or Jolteon, but you could outpace other titans like Beartic. Which nature you choose depends on your preference, as each is viable.

Worst Natures for Orthworm

Pokemon Scarlet Violet orthworm worst natures best natures guide
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While there are three natures we’d recommend you choose when you seek out an Orthworm for your team, there are three we’d suggest avoiding. Each nature takes away from one of Orthworm’s most important stats, giving it Special Attack, a useless amp and poor tradeoff.

Mild+Special Attack/-Defense
Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

Those who get the Mild nature will see less Defense points in their ally. With Orthworm serving as a bastion for the teams he joins, this isn’t a nature worth investing in. Rash nature takes away from the Special Defense stat, and because that stat is nowhere near as high as the regular Defense, you don’t to lost any points here. Quiet nature pulls from the Speed, and you’ll need every point you can get here.

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