Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Pawmi

Pack a punch with Pawmi in the latest Pokemon title!

Pawmi is the latest Electric Mouse Pokemon to join the Pokedex and one of the first friends you’ll meet on your journey through the Paldea region. If you want to make the most of this Pikachu lookalike, finding out the best natures wouldn’t hurt, so check out what does the job here!

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Best Natures for Pawmi, Pawmo, and Pawmot

Pokemon Scarlet violet best natures pawmi
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Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/Special Attack

Despite Pawmi looking like Pikachu, it needs a different nature set to work well in battle. Pawmi is a physical attacker, and because of this, it requires both Attack and Speed stats. While you search for your partner Pawmi, we recommend getting one of two natures.

Those who want a better Attack stat should invest in the Adamant nature, which raises Attack in exchange for Special Attack power. If instead, you want to get your Speed stat up, the Jolly nature is also a great choice. Pawmi’s best stat at the end of its evolution line is the Attack stat, but only by a bit. Because of this, we went with the Speed stat boost, but this choice depends entirely on player preference.

Worst Natures for Pawmi, Pawmo, and Pawmot

pawmi worst natures best natures guide
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

While the best natures are a great find in the wild, the worst natures aren’t worth wasting time on. If you find a Pawmi out in Paldea with one of the following natures, it’s better to trade it out for a better one.

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed

Unlike other Pikachu clones, Pawmi can’t use the Special Attack stat much. We recommend avoiding natures that bolster that stat, especially those that lower its two key stats: Attack and Speed. The Modest and Quiet natures boost Special Attack but hurt Attack and Speed, the bread and butter of any Pawmi.

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