Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Pikachu

Get the best nature for the face of the Pokemon franchise.

Training the best Pokemon partners in the Paldea region takes more than perseverance. You’ll need to grab a buddy with the best stats. To get the best stats in Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need a partner with one of the best natures possible, even for a series icon like Pikachu. What nature your partner has changes what passive stat boosts it gets. Get a Pikachu with the wrong nature, and you will surely struggle in battle. Avoid the headache of a weak partner by finding the best natures available for this electric mouse Pokemon.

Best Natures for Pikachu

Pokemon Pikachu Best Natures Scarlet Violet
Image via The Pokémon Company
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

Pikachu’s best stats are its Speed and Special Attack. Because of this, you’ll want to prioritize one or the other. We recommend using a Timid nature, as it lets Pikachu outpace nearly all its opponents easily. However, if you want to gear your Pikachu for Special Attack, the Modest nature is another good option. These two natures are the way to go with this little legend.

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Worst Natures for Pikachu

Pokemon Pikachu Worst Nature Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

Though the above natures can give you an apex Pikachu, avoiding the worst natures is OK. Being the best is excellent for combat, but it’s not essential. So long as your Pikachu doesn’t have the following natures, you’re OK to use it in battle.

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack

Because Speed and Special Attack are so important to Pikachu, natures like Brave are the worst option. The Attack stat isn’t where you want to focus your Pikachu’s stats, and trading speed for that boost is an unfavorable situation all around. While Speed is the most crucial stat for Pikachu, you don’t want a nature that denigrates Special Attack, making natures like Adamant and Careful bad choices. These natures also boost Attack and Special Defense, stats that don’t make Pikachu the powerful partner you want.

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