Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Sprigatito

Take Sprigatito to the top of the Pokemon League with the best stats.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ring in the ninth generation of the Pokemon franchise. As with every new generation, you get a new set of starters, and which you choose depends on your preference. If you’re planning on picking Gen IX’s Grass type, Sprigatito, as your starter, it’ll help to know the best natures. Find out what makes this cat a force of nature on the battlefield.

Best Natures for Sprigatito

Sprigatito best natures
Image via Bulbapedia
Jolly+Speed/-Special Attack
Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Sprigatito’s best stats are its Speed and Attack, and you’ll want to focus on these critical aspects of your partner Pokemon. If you want to boost Sprigatito’s Speed, we recommend the Jolly nature, which lowers Special Attack in exchange for improved Speed. Because Sprigatito is a physical fighter, it won’t need the Special Attack stat.

Those who’d rather have an offensive amp for their starter should choose the Adamant nature for their Pokemon. Adamant ups Attack at the cost of Special Attack. Because Sprigatito’s best stat is its Speed, we recommend selecting the Adamant nature for a more balanced build. This way, your ally will be as fast as it is imposing.

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Worst Natures for Sprigatito

Pokemon Scarlet Violet sprigatito
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Though the best natures are a great find, the worst natures will make your buddy a liability in battle. If you get one of the following natures, we suggest rebooting your save and rolling for better stats.

Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

As a Pokemon that needs the Speed and Attack stats, boosting Special Attack is a bad idea. While Quiet and Modest are great for some Pokemon, they’re a moot option for Sprigatito. The Quiet nature lowers the Speed stat while the Modest nature tanks Attack. Because you can get a poor nature for your partner, we recommend saving before you pick. Despite the monotony of resetting, you’ll be happy you took the time to do so when your partner isn’t holding you back in Paldea’s battles.

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