Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Tadbolt and Bellibolt

Amp up the Elefrog Pokemon with the best builds!

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can explore the vast Paldea region, adding a wide array of new allies to their team. There are plenty of new fighters in Gen IX, including Tadbolt, and its evolution, Bellibolt. If you’re interested in adding the Elefrog Pokemon to your team, finding the best natures for these fighters is vital. See what works for this new addition to the Pokedex before committing to a partner.

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Best Natures for Tadbolt and Bellibolt

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Because Bellibot has a varied stat pool, you can choose from several builds when searching for a partner. We’d suggest four natures: two for offensive builds and two for defensive builds.

Offensive Build

Modest+Special Attack/-Attack

You have two solid options if you want to focus on striking the enemy on the offensive. You can build upon Bellibolt’s vital Special Attack stat using the Modest nature, which lowers the Attack stat, but that won’t hurt this Special Attack user. This is the option we chose as we ran through Paldea.

If you’d rather boost Bellibolts abysmal Speed stat in hopes of evening out its stats, the Timid nature is a second option you can take. Still, it’s not one we’d recommend, as you’re unlikely to outpace any Pokemon in a fight, regardless of the few added points this nature gives.

Defensive Build

Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

Since Bellibot’s second-best stat is its Defense, you could focus your energy here and make a decent tank out of this Electric type. If you’d rather make an ally that can take a few hits, the Bold nature will improve your Defense stat without hurting Bellibolt’s ability to attack.

If you want to round out Bellibolt’s defense options, we suggest the Calm nature, which gives more Special Attack points in exchange for the Attack stat the Bellibolt won’t use anyway. This way, you can withstand Attacks of each type and dish out some decent damage on the side.

Worst Natures for Tadbolt and Bellibolt

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best natures guide worst natures
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Though there are plenty of options to build upon with the Elefrog Pokemon, several are less than stellar when choosing a partner. If your Tadbolt or Bellibolt have the natures below, we suggest you keep searching for another.

Offensive Build

Adamant+Attack/-Special Attack

Unless you want a Bellibolt that can’t fight well, we can’t recommend one with a nature that focuses on the Attack stat. While the Attack stat isn’t as bad as its Speed, those points are better spent on its Special Attack options.

The Adamant nature raises the Attack stat but takes away from Bellibolt’s most crucial offensive option: Special Attack. Despite Bellibolt having a decent Attack stat, we can’t recommend making the tradeoff in this situation.

Another poor option for an offensive Bellibot is Brave, which further lowers its Speed stat. The amp to the Attack stat isn’t worth tanking Speed more than it already is, so we suggest sending any Bellibolt of this nature straight to the PC box.

Defensive Build

Naughty+Attack/-Special Defense

As a defensive Bellibolt, the last thing you want to do is lower your Defense or Special Defense stats. Without them, you’re really not a defender. The Lonely and Naughty natures each lower one of these stats in exchange for an Attack stat raise. It’s a poor tradeoff that could stilt your Electric type in battle.

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