Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Tinkaton

Make the most of this hammer-wielding Pokemon with the right natures

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launching on the Nintendo Switch, players can add new allies to their party as they explore the paldea region. One of the standouts of Gen IX is, of course, Tinkaton. This Fairy/Steel type is a tank that can carry you through the game, provided it has the best natures. Make sure you’re ready for everything this region throws at you with the best build possible.

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Best Natures for Tinkaton

Pokemon scarlet and violet tinkaton best natures
Image via Pokemon Database
Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack
Jolly+Speed/-Special Atack
Impish+Defense/-Special Attack

Tinkaton works best as a tank in your party but also has solid Speed. You’ll want to build around its defensive options or Speed stat for the best partner.

Players who want to protect against Special Attacks should select the Careful nature, which aids its best stat. You’ll trade some Special Attack points for this boost, but that’s no big deal for Tinkaton. We went with Careful for our Tinkaton and suggest you do the same.

If you’d rather raise Speed to outpace others, taking on the Jolly nature is a great idea. You’ll get the same Special Attack nerf here too.

Lastly, you can add to your Defense stat and balance your defensive options. Choose the Impish nature to get a better chance against physical attacks from foes. Any of these choices will serve you well on your adventure.

Worst Natures for Tinkaton

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet worst natures for tinkaton best natures guide
Screenshot by Radiant G

While the natures above are a great choice, some options are poorer than others. If you have one of the natures below, we suggest you search for a new partner or change its nature. You can swap natures in Scarlet and Violet by visiting the Chansey Supply store in Montenevera, but this will cost you $20,000.

Rash+Special Attack/-Special Defense
Quiet+Special Attack/-Speed
Mild+Special Attack/-Defense

The worst natures for Tinkaton take away from its three critical stats while boosting Special Attack. Despite each of these natures having the same boost, they all take away from a separate stat. Rash removes Special Defense, Quiet tanks Speed, and Mild hurts Defense.

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