Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Natures for Umbreon

The Moonlight Pokemon is an impressive ally, especially when optimized for battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are here to ring in Gen IX of the Pokemon franchise. New and old Pokemon gather in the Paldea region, waiting to be discovered. You can even find Eevee and its evolutions in the wild, including Umbreon. Before heading out into the Paldea region, you should ensure that your partner has the best natures at its disposal. Find the right partner for you by checking Eevee or Umbreon’s stats before you invest time in its training.

Best Natures for Umbreon

Pokemon umbreon dark type gen ii best natures
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Calm+Special Defense/-Attack

Those who add Umbreon to their team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should focus on making this Pokemon a defender. The Special Defense and Defense stats are impressive for the Moonlight Pokemon, and the right natures can capitalize on that strength.

The Calm nature should work well if you want to focus on a Special Defense build for Umbreon. Calm ups Special Defense while lowering Attack stats. If you go with this nature, we suggest using Special Attacks.

If you want to focus on Defense instead, the Bold nature is a healthy option, as Bold nature raises Defense but lowers Attack. What you choose to use depends on what type of defender you want on your team.

We suggest the Bold nature since Umbreon already has a strong Special Defense. You’ll have even defense stats this way, but there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing Special Defense with the Calm nature instead.

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Worst Natures for Umbreon

Pokemon worst natures umbreon best natures guide
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While the best natures can help you cruise to victory, the worst natures can send your partner packing. If you want a viable Umbreon, do your best to avoid the following natures.

Naughty+Attack/-Special Defense

Because Umbreon’s best stats are Special Defense and Defense, you should avoid any nature that lowers these stats, especially Naughty and Lonely. These natures impact Special Defense and Defense while improving Attack, and it’s a tradeoff that’s not worth it for this Pokemon. If you have an Eevee with either of these natures, Flareon and Leafeon will work well with these stat boosts, so we suggest evolving it into one of those instead. You’ll always have an option, thanks to Eevee’s large evolution pool!

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