Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get a look at Crocalor

Greet the second form of Gen IX's fire starter!

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, users can get several new starter Pokemon at the start of their journey through Paldea. As always, there are two evolutions for these beginner Pokemon. The first evolution for Fuecoco transforms it into Crocalor, the Fire Croc Pokemon. Find out what this evolution looks like before you spend about 20 levels grinding to its final form.

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Fuecoco’s Middle Evolution: Crocalor

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After players spend some time with Fuecoco, they’ll have to say goodbye to that adorable middle evolution and invite the awkward second phase. Crocalor sports a firey sombrero and jaw that shoots flames at enemies. It’s far from the cutest starter evolution this generation, but it’s adorable in its own right. Like most evolutions, players will see a boost in stats for their partner Pokemon, and it’ll learn a few new moves as it continues to level up. It won’t take long to get out of the Fuecoco phase, so keep on going through Paldea as you normally would until it evolves.

When Does Fuecoco Evolve into Crocalor?

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When players get their Fuecoco to level 16, it evolves into Crocalor. You’ll have another 20 levels before you reach its final evolution, Skeledirge, but the wait will be worth it! Once it hits that last stage, you’ll have an excellent Fire/Ghost type with a solid Special Attack stat. Like every other starter in Gen IX, Skeledirge can learn a unique move known as Torch Song. Use this move to sing into a flaming microphone and send opponents reeling with Special Attack points.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with Crocalor, so don’t rush out of this phase too fast! We’re already looking back fondly on this goofy little gator.

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