Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get a look at Quaxwell

Quaxly's middle evolution has some fancy footwork.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can choose one of three starter Pokemon to add to their team. Before you choose your starter, you may want to look at some of the evolutions. While you won’t always be stuck with the middle form for your starters, getting from here to the final evolution will take some time. See what form your Quaxly will take during its first evolution here.

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Quaxly’s Middle Evolution: Quaxwell

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Practicing PokemonWaterTorrent

Once Quaxly evolves, it becomes the Practicing Pokemon, Quaxwell. This earnest Pokemon studies the movements of others and works to add their styles to its dance moves. When this duck fights, it looks like it’s performing a dance routine. Despite its smooth form and strokes, this is one Pokemon with some power behind its punches. Best to watch your back when fighting this aviary adversary.

When Does Quaxly Evolve into Quaxwell?

Pokemon Scarlet and violet quaxly evolutions
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Quaxly evolves into Quaxwell at level 16. This shouldn’t take you too long, as the first few dozen levels fly by in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It took us around 4-5 hours to get this evolution. After another 20 levels, you’ll see the final form of Quaxly: Quaquaval. Like each of the starters of this gen, Quaquaval gets a unique move: Aqua Step. This move lets the Pokemon strike using dance moves with a heavy-hitting Water strike. Aqua Step also raises the Speed stat for Quaquaval, ensuring it gets the jump on its enemies in the next turn.

Make sure to get a few pictures of your Quaxwell before it evolves. It’s easy to forget when trying to be the best trainer in Paldea.

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