Scarlet and Violet: Paldean Wooper’s type, evolution, and more

The Poison Fish Pokemon makes an even greater ally after it evolves.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll find new versions of familiar Pokemon like Wooper. Unlike the original Wooper, though, there’s a Paldean variant with a new type. Find out what makes the Paldean variant of Wooper so different, when it evolves, and what its best stats are here.

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What level does Paldean Wooper Evolve?

Paldean Wooper what level does it evolve
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Paldean Wooper evolves once it hits level 20, so keep it at the front of your parties and battles to get more experience for this new variation. Take care to play to its advantage on the field and get the better of your opponents, but steer clear of its four key weaknesses.

Paldean Wooper Type and Weaknesses

Poison/GroundWater, Ice, Ground, PsychicFighting, Bug, Rock, Fairy, Poison, Electric

Paldean Wooper’s Evolution: Clodsire

Paldean Wooper evolution clodsire type poison ground
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After you hit level 20 with Paldean Wooper, it’ll evolve into Clodsire, the Spiny Fish Pokemon. Clodesire is a Poison/Ground hybrid with the same weaknesses as its previous form. You’ll find this Pokemon to be a strong partner on the battlefield, but it’s important to know what makes it work best.

Clodsire’s Best Stats

Pokemon Scarlet Violet best stats clodsire
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Clodsire is a tanky Pokemon that works well as a defender. The three best stats for Clodsire are its HP, Special Defense, and Defense. For this reason, we suggest pairing it with one of the following natures.

Best Clodsire Natures

Careful+Special Defense/-Special Attack
Impish+Defense/-Special Attack

Because Clodsire thrives on its Special Defense and Defense stats, we suggest taking one with a nature that boosts either stat. To bolster its already impressive Special Defense, take one with a Careful nature, but to increase Defense for a more rounded partner, take an Impish Clodsire. Once you have a Spiny Fish Pokemon ready for battle, you’re prepared to tank through your problems!

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