Splatoon 3: All Splatfests, Topics, and Best Teams

Every Splatfest topic, every winner, and every loser.

The most important thing for any warrior to do is know their enemy. It’s in that spirit that we’re keeping track of every single Splatoon 3 Splatfest, their glorious winners, and the poor souls that tasted bitter defeat. Bookmark this page, as we’ll keep it updated with new results as Nintendo announces more Splatfests and results! Read on for a summary of all Splatfests, every Splatfest team, every Splatfest winner, and a rolling tally of how many Splatfests each of the Deep Cut idols have won, so you can check and see how your favorite idol stacks up.

When is the Next Splatfest?

Topic: Favorite Chocolate
Teams: Dark Chocolate (Shiver), Milk Chocolate (Frye), White Chocolate (Big Man)
Splatfest Date: February 10th @ 7pm EST – February 12th @ 7pm EST

All Splatfests, Teams, and Winners

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Battle
Images via Nintendo
Splatfest TopicTeam ShiverTeam FryeTeam Big ManDates*
Roshambo (Pre-release Splatfest Event)Rock (Winner)PaperScissorsAugust 28, 2022
What To Bring To A Deserted IslandGear (Winner)GrubFunSeptember 23-25, 2022
Partner PokemonGrassFireWater (Winner)November 11-13, 2022
Taste SensationSpicySweet (Winner)SourJanuary 6-8, 2023
Favorite Chocolate (Upcoming)DarkMilkWhiteFebruary 10-12, 2023
Dates listed are for NA time zones

Overall Splatfest Deep Cut Idol Standings

Splatoon 3 Shiver Splatfest

Winning isn’t everything, and everyone’s entitled to their opinion on who the best idol in Deep Cut is, even if everyone who wouldn’t die for Big Man is wrong. That said, in the interest of bragging rights and historical accuracy, we’d be remiss not to include a rolling tally of how many Splatfests each member of Deep Cut has won so far.

Shiver: 2 wins
Frye: 1 win
Big Man: 1 win

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